Language Courses

Learning German

German Language Courses

Learning German at the institute

The institute offers free German language courses both for beginners and advanced learners. These courses are for institute members only. Please find more information about these courses in the institute's intranet. 

Learning German online with the Deutsche Welle

The Deutsche Welle has several nice offers to learn German:

Online course by the Deutsche Welle (the course is for free, you only need to open an account). 

Slowly spoken news

German Language Courses provided by the University of Göttingen

Department German as a Foreign Language

International Summer Courses

German Classes offered by Non-University Providers

Volkshochschule (VHS) Göttingen


Sprachzentrum Eine Welt e.V. Göttingen

Goethe-Institut Göttingen

Free Online Dictionaries


Canoo (helps with grammar and word forms/declinations)

Beolingus (by the Technical University Chemnitz)

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