Apprenticeship as animal care taker (in German)

Qualification and Apprenticeship

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Qualification and Apprenticeship

Extensive qualification for all employees working with laboratory animals is not only required by law but also a major concern to the institute. Several times a year the Animal Facility offers qualifying courses to all staff members at the institute. These are attended mainly by scientists, but also by technical assistants wishing to expand and deepen their knowledge. The courses impart skills of expert handling of animals and the required experimental techniques as well as knowledge of anatomy, hygiene, and recognition of pain. Our course is certified by the German Laboratory Animal Science Organization (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Versuchstierkunde) and thus officially approved.

Additionally, the institute’s Animal Facility trains animal care staff in the subject area research and clinics (Tierpfleger der Fachrichtung Forschung und Klinik). Apprentices of the Animal Facility as well as their trainers were awarded prizes. In 2011, the Max Planck Society honored the Animal Facility as an outstanding training institution.

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