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Meetings and Conferences at the Institute

International Bunsen Discussion Meeting – 
1-4 November 2015

Max Planck Institut for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen

Organizers: Jürgen Troe, Alec Wodtke, Jörg Schroeder

The separation of electronic, rovibrational and translational motion greatly simplifies the analysis of molecular dynamics. However, there are plenty of situations where adiabaticity concepts like the Born-Oppenheimer approximation break down and nonadiabatic processes play a dominant role. This International Bunsen Discussion focuses on nonadiabatic effects in chemical kinetics, dynamics and spectroscopy and brings together theoreticians and experimentalists interested in an understanding of the relevance of such phenomena. Applications reach from photophysics and spectroscopy to elementary gas phase reactions, gas-surface processes and spin effects in physical organic chemistry. The meeting takes place in the town where the Born-Oppenheimer approximation was formulated first.


  • Theoretical concepts of adiabaticity
  • Nonadiabatic effects in elementary gas phase reactions
  • Nonadiabatic processes in physical organic chemistry
  • Nonadiabatic effects in spectroscopy
  • Nonadiabatic phenomena in gas-surface processes

Meetings and Conferences in Cooperation with other institutes and institutions 

20 to 22 January 2016

10th Biotech NetWorkshop at Ringberg Castle

Once a year, Max Planck Innovation organizes the Biotech NetWorkshop which next time is taking place from 20 to 22 January 2016 at Schloss Ringberg (Ringberg Castle) on the banks of lake Tegernsee. The event is organized by Max Planck Innovation in partnership with Ascenion GmbH. The workshop has been held on an annual basis since 2007 and is directed at scientists interested in founding a company as well as managers of life science start-ups that have already been spun off from either the Max Planck Society, Helmholtz Association, Leibniz Society or Hannover Medical School. Offering a diverse range of events, the programme and the very special atmosphere at Schloss Ringberg combine to offer the perfect scope for intensive knowledge sharing between new founders and experienced managers.

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Contact persons: Astrid Giegold, Elke Heller

Ringberg Castle
Ringberg Castle
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