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Press Officer, Public Relations Office
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Information about the institute

Want to Find Out More?

Institute Booklet

Our current instute booklet was launched in October 2009 and is available in German and English. It offers a virtual tour through our institute and reports on its history and current research activities. This brochure can be ordered free of charge by sending your postal address to

Alternatively, you can directly download the brochure as PDF-file.

Yearbooks of the Max Planck Society

Recent reports on research at the institute can be found in the Jahrbuch (Yearbook) of the Max Planck Society. You can find the reports of the 2012 Yearbook here (in German):

Nano particles on the scales (Thomas Burg)

Structure and function of spliceosomes (Reinhard Lührmann)

Max Planck Research Magazine

Articles about researchers at the institute can be found in the magazine MaxPlanckResearch by the Max Planck Society. The research magazine can be ordered free of charge from the Max Planck Society or downloaded here.

Contributions about researchers at the institute (in German):

Ein Quantum Hoffnung (Donna Arndt-Jovin, 2011)

Tricksereien an der optischen Grenze (Stefan W. Hell, 2009)

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