Simone Techert
Simone Techert
Research Group Leader, Professor at the University of Göttingen and Leading Scientist of the Group Chemical Structural Dynamics at DESY (Hamburg)
Phone:+49 551 201-1268Fax:+49 551 201-1501

Curriculum Vitae

Simone Techert

Structural Dynamics of (Bio)chemical Systems

In our vision, we want to optimize chemical reactions towards specific product states by a clever combination of chemical site-specificity, self-assembly and state-selectivity which can be "tuned" through the structure of the local environment and selective excitation schemes (heat/optical pulses). To do so we need to gain a deeper understanding on the mechanism of chemical reactions from a structural point of view. In order to elucidate information about the reaction coordinate from a multidimensional reaction landscape of complex systems we apply time-resolved X-ray techniques and time-resolved optical spectroscopy. We obtain a real-time picture of the structural dynamics of chemical and biochemical systems in the crystalline and in the liquid phase.

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