Manfred Messerschmidt
Head of Administration
Phone:+49 551 201-1221Fax:+49 551 201-1331
Achim Rodeck
Head of Accounting
Phone:+49 551 201-1243Fax:+49 551 201-1331
Stephan Höfer
Head of Purchasing
Phone:+49 551 201-1234Fax:+49 551 201-1309
Jörg Maletzki
Head of Personnel Management
Phone:+49 551 201-1350Fax:+49 551 201-1149
Rüdiger Wiegand
Head of Housing Management / General Services
Phone:+49 551 201-1231Fax:+49 551 201-1331
Reiner Schymura
Head of Operating Technology
Phone:+49 551 201-1223Fax:+49 551 201-1777


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The administration at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry supports the scientific departments, research groups, and central facilities at the institute. It consists of the following groups: accounting, purchasing, personnel management, projects, travel expenses, housing management/general services, and operating technology. Please find the contact details for each group to the right.

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