Journal Article (4)

  1. Journal Article
    Sader, J. E.; Burg, T. P.; Lee, J.; Manalis, S. R.: Energy dissipation in microfluidic beam resonators: Effect of Poisson's ratio. Physical review E 84 (2) (2011)
  2. Journal Article
    Dextras, P.; Payer, K. R.; Burg, T. P.; Shen, W.; Wang, Y.-C.; Han, J.; Manalis, S. R.: Fabrication and characterization of an integrated microsystem for protein preconcentration and sensing. Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems 20 (1), pp. 221 - 230 (2011)
  3. Journal Article
    Lee, J.; Chunara, R.; Shen, W.; Payer, K.; Babcock, K.; Burg, T. P.; Manalis, S. R.: Suspended microchannel resonators with piezoresistive sensors. Lab on a Chip 11 (4), pp. 645 - 651 (2011)
  4. Journal Article
    Weng, Y.; Delgado, F. F.; Son, S.; Burg, T. P.; Wasserman, S. C.; Manalis, S. R.: Mass sensors with mechanical traps for weighing single cells in different fluids. Lap on a Chip 11, pp. 4174 - 4180 (2011)
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