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Journal Article
Köhler, M.; Görlich, D.; Hartmann, E.; Franke, J.: Adenoviral E1A protein nuclear import is preferentially mediated by importin α3 in vitro. Virology 289 (2), pp. 186 - 191 (2001)
Journal Article
Dean, K. A.; von Ahsen, O.; Görlich, D.; Fried, H. M.: Signal recognition particle protein 19 is imported into the nucleus by importin 8 (RanBP8) and transportin. Journal of Cell Science 114 (19), pp. 3479 - 3485 (2001)
Journal Article
Ferrando-May, E.; Cordes, V.; Biller-Ckovric, I.; Mirkovic, J.; Görlich, D.; Nicotera, P.: Caspases mediate nucleoporin cleavage, but not early redistribution of nuclear transport factors and modulation of nuclear permeability in apoptosis. Cell Death and Differentiation 8 (5), pp. 495 - 505 (2001)
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