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Journal Article
Rettig, J.; Heinemann, S. H.; Wunder, F.; Lorra, C.; Parcej, D. N.; Dolly, J.; Pongs, O.: Inactivation properties of voltage-gated K+ channels altered by presence of beta-subunit. Nature 369 (6478), pp. 289 - 294 (1994)
Journal Article
Heinemann, S. H.; Rettig, J.; Lorra, C.; Pongs, O.: A potassium channel beta-subunit from rat brain induces n-type inactivation. Biophysical Journal 66 (2), p. A343 - A343 (1994)
Journal Article
Heinemann, S. H.; Rettig, J.; Scott, V. E. S.; Parcej, D. N.; Lorra, C.; Dolly, J.; Pongs, O.: The inactivation behavior of voltage-gated K-channels may be determined by association of α- and β-subunits. Journal of Physiology-Paris 88 (3), pp. 173 - 180 (1994)
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