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Makwana, M.; Jones, L. L.; Cuthill, D.; Heuer, H.; Bohatschek, M.; Hristova, M.; Friedrichsen, S.; Ormsby, I.; Bueringer, D.; Koppius, A. et al.; Bauer, K.; Doetschmann, T.; Raivich, G.: Endogenous transforming growth factor ß1 suppresses inflammation and promotes survival in adult CNS. The Journal of Neurosciene 27 (42), pp. 11201 - 11213 (2007)
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Chung, H. R.; Loehr, U.; Jaeckle, H.: Lineage-specific expansion of the zinc finger associated domain ZAD. Molecular Biology and Evolution 24 (9), pp. 1934 - 1943 (2007)
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Behr, M.; Wingen, C.; Wolf, C.; Schuh, R.; Hoch, M.: Wurst is essential for airway clearance and respiratory-tube size control. Nature Cell Biology 9 (7), pp. 847 - 853 (2007)
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Chanana, B.; Graf, R.; Koledachkina, T.; Pflanz, R.; Vorbrüggen, G.: alpha(PS2) integrin-mediated muscle attachment in Drosophila requires the ECM protein thrombospondin. Mechanisms of Development 124 (6), pp. 463 - 475 (2007)
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Groenke, S.; Mueller, G.; Hirsch, J.; Fellert, S.; Andreou, A.; Haase, T.; Jaeckle, H.; Kuehnlein, R. P.: Dual lipolytic control of body fat storage and mobilization in Drosophila. PLoS Biology 5 (6), pp. 1248 - 1256 (2007)
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Grieder, N. C.; Charlafti, I.; Kloter, U.; Jaeckle, H.; Schaefer, U.; Gehring, W. J.: Misexpression screen in Drosophila melanogaster aiming to reveal novel factors involved in formation of body parts. Genetics 175 (4), pp. 1707 - 1718 (2007)
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Stahl, M.; Schuh, R.; Adryan, B.: Identification of FGF-dependent genes in the Drosophila tracheal system. Gene Expression Patterns 7 (1-2), pp. 202 - 209 (2007)
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