Journal Article (14)

  1. Journal Article
    Grunau, T.; Kuester, J.: Dominance style in female guerezas (Colobus guereza RUEPPELL 1835). Primates 42 (4), pp. 301 - 307 (2001)
  2. Journal Article
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  3. Journal Article
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  4. Journal Article
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  5. Journal Article
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  6. Journal Article
    Jahn, R.; Schuman, E. M.: Neuronal and glial cell biology. Current Opinion in Neurobiology 11, pp. 533 - 535 (2001)
  7. Journal Article
    Kraft, K.; Olbrich, H.; Majoul, I.; Mack, M.; Proudfoot, A.; Oppermann, M.: Characterization of sequence determinants within the carboxyl-terminal domain of chemokine receptor CCR 5 that regulate signaling and receptor internalization. Journal of Biological Chemistry 276, pp. 34408 - 18 (2001)
  8. Journal Article
    Kramer, B.; Ferrari, D. M.; Klappa, P.; Poehlmann, N.; Soeling, H. D.: Functional roles and efficiencies of the thioredoxin boxes of calcium-binding proteins 1 and 2 in protein folding. Journal of Biochemistry 357, pp. 83 - 95 (2001)
  9. Journal Article
    Lang, T.; Bruns, D.; Wenzel, D.; Riedel, D.; Holroyd, P.; Thiele, C.; Jahn, R.: SNAREs are concentrated in cholesterol-dependent clusters that define docking and fusion sites for exocytosis. EMBO Journal 20, pp. 2202 - 2213 (2001)
  10. Journal Article
    Margittai, M.; Fasshauer, D.; Pabst, S.; Jahn, R.; Langen, R.: Homo- and heterooligomeric SNARE complexes studied by site-directed spin labeling. Journal of Biological Chemistry 276, pp. 13169 - 13177 (2001)
  11. Journal Article
    Schmidt, H.; Tlustochowska, A.; Stuertz, K.; Djukic, M.; Gerber, J.; Schuetz, E.; Kuhnt, U.; Nau, R.: Organotypic hippocampal cultures - a model of brain tissue damage in Streptococcus pneumoniae meningitis. Journal of Neuroimmunology 113, pp. 30 - 39 (2001)
  12. Journal Article
    Stobrawa, S. M.; Breiderhoff, T.; Takamori, S.; Engel, D.; Schweizer, M.; Zdebik, A. A.; Boesl, M. R.; Ruether, K.; Jahn, H.; Draguhn, A. et al.; Jahn, R.; Jentsch, T. J.: Disruption of CIC-3, a chloride channel expressed on synaptic vesicles, leads to a loss of the hippocampus. Neuron 29, pp. 185 - 196 (2001)
  13. Journal Article
    Takamori, S.; Rhee, J. S.; Rosenmund, C.; Jahn, R.: Identification of differentiation-associated brain-specific phosphate transporter as a second vesicular glutamate transporter (VGLUT 2). Journal of Neuroscience 21, pp. 1 - 6 (2001)
  14. Journal Article
    von Mering, M.; Wellmer, A.; Michel, U.; Bunkowski, S.; Tlustochowska, A.; Bruck, W.; Kuhnt, U.; Nau, R.: Transcriptional regulation of caspases in experimental pneumococcal meningitis. Brain Pathology 11, pp. 282 - 295 (2001)
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