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    Kohfeldt, E.; Göhring, W.; Mayer, U.; Zweckstetter, M.; Holak, T. A.; Chu, M. L.; Timp, R.: Conversion of the Kunitz-type module of collagen VI into a highly active trypsin inhibitor by site-directed mutagenesis. FEBS Journal 238 (2), pp. 333 - 340 (1996)
  2. Journal Article
    Zweckstetter, M.; Czisch, M.; Mayer, U.; Chu, M. L.; Zinth, W.; Timpl, R.; Holak, T. A.: Structure and multiple conformations of the Kunitz-type domain from human type VI collagen alpha3(VI) chain in solution. Structure 4 (2), pp. 195 - 209 (1996)
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