Visa & Residence Permit and Health Insurance

The following information shall help you and your family prepare your stay at the institute. The updated and comprehensive website by the Federal Office of Migration and Refugees will provide you with important information regarding your visa and residence permit issues.

Please note:
You will further need a Health Insurance ("Krankenversicherung"), which in Germany is mandatory for all researchers and all family members accompanying them. Your health insurance must cover medical treatment in the event of severe illness and accidents in Germany. 

Visa regulations

EU citizens

  • As EU citizen or citizen of an EEA (European Economic Area) member state you will generally not need a visa to enter Germany and to live and work there. However, there could be exceptions due to your specific employment.
  • All EU and EEA citizens must have a valid passport or acceptable substitute such as an identity card for entry and residency. Please clarify if an identity card is sufficient.

Non-EU Citizens of "associated" countries

  • Citizens of certain non-EU countries do need a visa to enter Germany. You will find a table of countries whose citizens require visas to enter Germany in the info box to your right.
  • If you intend to work in Germany and stay longer than three months you will need to have an electronic residence permit called eAT (Elektronischer Aufenthaltstitel). This official document confirms permission to stay and legally work in Germany. In order to get one you have to apply for it at the local Foreigners´ Registration Office (Ausländerbehörde).

Non-EU Citizens of all other countries

  • To enter Germany a visa will be required.
  • Before your entry to Germany, please apply for a visa at the German Embassy or a German Consulate in your home country or current country of residence at your earliest convenience (at least three months in advance). Do not forget to provide the exact purpose of your stay in order to make sure that your visa corresponds to it. 
  • Please contact the embassy with a letter of invitation/working agreement. The letter should include the amount of your scholarship and the exact period of the financial support.
  • Please make sure that you will have all the documents required for the application process available.
  • Please note: Entering Germany with a tourist visa will not be accepted. A residence permit for a longer stay in Germany allows you to travel to all countries that signed the Schengen Agreement. Please also note that Great Britain is a non-Schengen country. 

Important documents 

You will need to provide the following documents before your arrival in Germany:

  • Valid passport (valid for at least 12 more months)
  • Visa (if applicable); these are also required for accompanying family members
  • Letter of invitation/working agreement by the institute

Further documents needed by families:

  • Passports, for each familiy member as applicable
  • Birth certificate with a verified German translation, for each family member
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable) with a verified German translation

Please note: The information provided here is general information. We assume no liability for the above contents. The provided information does not replace any legal advice or legally-binding or professional advice. 

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