Health Insurance

General information about health insurance in Germany

You and all members of your family accompanying you will require adequate health insurance coverage in Germany. You must show proof of your health insurance to obtain a residence permit. Please therefore check in advance whether your existing health insurance is adequate or whether you have to apply for a health insurance policy in Germany.

The insurance provider in your home country can advise you whether your coverage extends to Germany. Please make sure all the necessary medication, accidents, and hospitalisation are covered. If the coverage is adequate, you should obtain confirmation of coverage from your health insurer and Form E 101 which confirms that you remain insured in your home country and are exempt from obligatory health insurance in Germany.

For EU citizens making a short stay, there is the European Health Insurance Card available. For longer stays, you can obtain Form E 106 from your health insurer at home. This will enable you to register with a German health insurer and receive the complete benefits whose costs will be reimbursed by your home insurance.

If your health insurance is not adequate

If your health insurance cover is not adequate, and if you stay in Germany for a longer period you will require an additional German health insurance from an insurance provider licensed in Germany. Check with your insurer whether you are able to suspend your coverage at home while you are in Germany. 

In general there are two forms of health insurance in Germany: private health insurance and statutory health insurance. As of January 1st 2009, there has been a standard rate for all statutory health insurance companies. 

1. Research stay based on a fellowship:

Scholarship holders must prove a sufficient health insurance within 2 weeks after start of the scholarship. This means a valid confirmation of insurance by a legal health insurance (GKV) or a private health insurance which produces equivalent achievements like the GKV. A framework agreement in which you are taken up within 6 weeks after entry to Germany without health check has been set up with the Mawista/Hallesche Assurance and the Max Planck Society. 

Please find more detailed information about health insurance issues following the link at:

2. Research stay based on an employment contract:

If your have an employment contract and your gross annual salary regularly exceeds 52,200 euros (as of 2013), you can choose whether you prefer state or private insurance. With an employment contract and an income below this amount, you automatically qualify for statutory health insurance. 

In all cases it is worth comparing the benefits offered by the various health insurance funds. Your institute will be able to give you details of the different providers. You can then arrange insurance coverage in Germany before leaving home.

You will find further information on the Euraxess website

Please note: It is essential to ensure that you are comprehensively covered from the moment you arrive in Germany. Please make sure that family members travelling with you also have health insurance coverage! In Germany, the costs of health insurance – both state and private insurance - is paid half by the employer and half by the employee.

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