Accomodation in Göttingen

Accomodation in Göttingen

In general, it is much easier to find a place to live after you got here. Therefore, we recommend the assistance of your department secretary. In many departments, finding you a place to live is part of that person's job, and in general they are familiar with the local market and its idiosyncrasies.

Before you have a place to stay...

If you arrive in Göttingen before you have a place to stay, you need to set up a base. In some cases, it may be possible to arrange a place at our institute's on-site guesthouse through your department secretary. If that should not work, you have the following options:

If your financial means are modest, we recommend the IYH Youth Hostel (Jugendherberge). Prices are fairly cheap. You need an IYH membership card (available at the hostel). For reservations call (0551/57622) or send an Email to:

If you would rather stay at a hotel, contact the city's tourist office.

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