Before You Leave for Germany

Obviously, you cannot prepare for everything you may encounter in Germany. However, you may want to take some time to get yourself ready as well as make some practical preparations.

1. For entering the country, please inform yourself about visa and entry.

2. Make sure that you have appropriate health insurance in Germany.

3. Do not forget to bring proof of your appointment or admission to the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry (i.e. letter of invitation or contract).

4. If you intend to drive during your stay you will need an international or foreign driving license and – if appropriate – a no-claims certificate from your car insurance company. The latter will help you getting a rebate if you wish to take out third-party car insurance during your stay here.

5. If you want to bring your own car: an international ("green") insurance card confirming third-party insurance coverage in Germany.

Generally, it is a good idea is to BRING AS MANY IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS AS POSSIBLE. This will save you lots of valuable time and mental energy. German bureaucrats can be very hard-nosed when it comes to adhering to the way THEY do things and will rarely make exceptions for you. Do not rely on your luck.


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