Film Portraits of Scientists

Jens Frahm

Jens Frahm – faster
real-time, MRI (Film of the European Patent Office)

His new FLASH technology has made magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) one of the most successful imaging methods: Today it is routinely used in clinics worldwide. Jens Frahm, Head of the Biomedical NMR at our institute, was therefore awarded the European Inventor Award in the category research by the European Patent Office in 2018. (Press Release June 7, 2018)

Website of the Biomedical NMR by Jens Frahm

Stefan Hell

Nanoscopy with focused light — film portrait of Stefan Hell

Ever since physicist Ernst Abbe discovered the resolution limit of the microscope in 1873 it has seemed impossible to improve the resolving power of light microscopy. This century-old barrier was broken by Stefan Hell, scientist at our institute. He developed novel fluorescence microscopes featuring diffraction-unlimited spatial resolution. Using focused visible light these ultra high resolution light microscopes make even smallest details in the interior of living cells visible. Thus, he also laid the foundation of a new scientific field: fluorescence nanoscopy.

Website of the Department of NanoBiophotonics by Stefan Hell

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