Booking and Using Microscopes in the FILM

The FILM has a special security level (S1). Users are not allowed to enter without any valid safety briefing – your supervisor or head of your department has to fill a security form that allows you to use/enter the FILM and confirms your knowledge of the S1 safety rules.

Booking of microscopes is only possible for registered persons who attended the FILM introductory course (see below). All microscopes of the FILM can be booked online via the

"Booked Scheduler"

which can be found under:

Notice, booking works only two weeks in advance to reduce „just in-case“ bookings. Please book a microscope only in the case you really plan to use it – reserving „just in-case“ is not accepted. If your experiment failed please cancel your booking as soon as possible to free the slot for other Users – if possible contact the person after you on the schedule, so that this User could start earlier if possible. Also contact the person after you when you finish imaging much earlier as planned.

Important, arriving later than 30 min after your slot started results in loosing the complete slot such that everybody else is allowed to use the time-frame.

Live-Cell experiments needed? Cells can be stored during the imaging session in the incubators in room 124 of the FILM (S1) - sample preparation is also possible here. Please contact us before first use.

The Abberior Instruments STED microscopce can only be booked and used after an intense Introduction with Dirk Kamin. Together you will elaborate any specifications concerning labeling (fluorophores etc.) and STED imaging.

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