Introduction for Users

Every new user of FILM needs to take part in the mandatory FILM introductory course to gain sufficient skills for opreating the systems.

Please contact us for details for an introduction to FILM or a refreshing training session. If you want we can also discuss if your project can be conducted at the FILM.

General Guidelines (short version)

  • The FILM has biosafety level S1 - no consumption of food or drinks. 
  • Samples higher than S1 level are not allowed to be taken into the facility!
  • Booking of microcopes is mandatory. Access to the FILM is granted from 8 am to 6:30 pm.
  • Booking of the Abberior Instruments STED microscopce can only be done personally with Dirk Kamin, first using will be in presence and under his guidance.
  • Only registered Users can book a system. Registration follows after passing the mandatory FILM  introductory course.
  • Booking is only possible for two weeks in advance.
  • Booking slots have a maximum length of up to four hours per day.
  • Do not book a system „just in-case“ you might have samples.
  • Delete your booking as soon as possible if you do not want to use the slot anymore.
  • Be aware, arriving later than 30 min after your slot started results in loosing the complete slot such that everybody else is allowed to use the time-frame.
  • The User who booked the microscope is totally in charge of the system during this time-frame. Any kind of misconduct concerning the microscope will be attributed back to this User (and not the person, that used the microscope instead).

At the end of the imaging session

  • Clean everything (objectives, stage, table). Do not use excessive amounts of oil.
  • Export your data (all data on the Z:-drive will be deleted automatically after 2 weeks!).
  • Fill out the „Logbuch“ which can be found next to the microscope (SPE, SP5, SP8). Fill in your name, date, time and any comments concerning errors, dirty equipment (e.g. from the user that had the slot before you), etc...
  • If no other user is listed after your slot, please switch-off the system (laser, microscope, scanner, fluorescence lamp, PC, etc...).

Please contact us if there are severe problems with a system (hardware or software, or anything else).


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