Data Storage

Store your data temporarily on the Z-drive (MicroscopeFacility (Z:)). Please avoid saving your files on the desktop.

The data will be stored as specific Leica Software Files (.lei or .lif). To open these files use the free Leica software LAS AF light (.lif). The images can be exported as .jpeg, .tif, etc. files as well. Acces to your data (Z:) is available from all FILM computers or via the intern web of the MPI-BPC (\\fs.mpibpc.intern\MicroscopeFacility).

Important: All data in the Z-drive (MicroscopeFacility (Z:)) will be deleted automatically after two weeks! FILM is not responsible for your stored data. Please export your data as soon as possible (to be sure not to lose your data, export and save everything directly after your imaging slot)! You can export to mobile storage devices via free USB slots (USB-stick, external hard disk).

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