The Faculty

The Faculty is the body at our institute, which discusses organizational matters on an institutional level and brings together important information. The Faculty will be informed at regularly scheduled Faculty Meetings by the Managing Director, advises the Board of Directors in general institutional matters, and may submit proposals for topics to the Board of Directors. Its members include:

1. all Scientific Members of the Max Planck Society (Directors and Emeriti),

2. all Research Group Leaders with a scientific focus at the institute,

3. retired Research Group Leaders (W2) with their workplace at the institute.

Max Planck Fellows, the Representative of the Academic Staff, and the Equal Opportunity Officer at the institute have guest status.

Faculty Members

Loren Andreas
Donna Arndt-Jovin
Marina Bennati
Aswhin Chari
Patrick Cramer
Berend L. de Groot
Gregor Eichele
Alex Faesen
Jens Frahm
Dieter Gallwitz
Stefan Glöggler
Aljaz Godec
Dirk Görlich
Christian Griesinger
Helmut Grubmüller
Peter Gruss
Stefan W. Hell
Hauke Hillen
Herbert Jäckle
Reinhard Jahn
Stefan Jakobs
Thomas Jovin
Stefan Kaufmann
Peter Lenart
Juliane Liepe
Sonja Lorenz
Reinhard Lührmann
Grazvydas Lukinavicius
Erwin Neher
Marieke Oudelaar
Mary Osborn
Jochen Rink
Marina V. Rodnina
Claus Ropers
Melina Schuh
Johannes Söding
Holger Stark
Alexander Stein
Jürgen Troe
Henning Urlaub
Wolfgang Wintermeyer
Alec M. Wodtke
Markus Zweckstetter
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