News from the group Quantitative and Systems Biology

01 Februar 2021: Kamil Pabis joined our team. Welcome Kamil! Kamil will work with us on understanding sequencing information in the MHC-I antigen presentation pathway.
15 January 2021: Andrew Graham joined our team. Welcome Andrew! Andrew is a first year Wellcome Trust PhD student and part of the Neuro-Immune Interaction in Health and Disease programme at Kings College London. He joined our team to work on his project “Investigating the influence of the proteasome and its inducible isoform (immunoproteasome) on neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s Disease.” in collaboration with Michele Mishto and Maria Jimenez Sanchez.


15 May 2020: Our paper “Large database for the analysis and prediction of spliced and non-spliced peptide generation by proteasome” is published in the journal Scientific Data. 


27 April 2020: Hanna Rötschke was accepted to join the Max Planck School "Matter of Life Undergraduate Research Opportunities”. Congratulations Hanna!


23 October 2019: Juliane Liepe gives a seminar on “Systems Biology of the MHC-I antigen presentation pathway"  at Melbourne Integrative Genomics Center, University of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia


12 September 2019: Yehor Horokhovskyi presented his work "Characterization of MHC-I immunopeptidome to eradicate senescent lymphoma cells after Doxorubicin chemotherapy” on a poster at the ICSA (Cellular senescence - The bright & dark side) in Athens


1 August 2019: Hanna Rötschke joined our team. Welcome Hanna!

Hanna is doing a summer internship with us, before starting her BSc studies in Biochemistry at the University of Göttingen. She will continue to work with our Team on the systems biology of the MHC-I antigen presentation pathway.

26 April 2019: Sarah Henze presented her work on "Bayesian statistical inference based on MCMC facilitates the analysis of protease dynamics using tandem mass spectrometry measurements" at MASAMB 2019. She won a prize for giving the best student talk. Congratulations Sarah!

We welcome Sophie-Asako Xerri to our team!


5  March 2019: We welcome Gerd Specht to our team! Gerd will join us to work on his Bachelor thesis.


1 February 2019: We welcome our new Postdoc Debdas Paul! 


3 October 2018: Juliane talks at Kings College London (UK) about the usefulness of in silico methods to study the adaptive immune system.


Yehor Horokhovskyi

Yehor Horokhovskyi

Forschungsgruppe Quantitative und System-Biologie
1. Oktober 2018: We welcome Yehor Horokhovskyi in our team! Yehor will join us to work on his MSc Thesis.


9 September 2018: Our chapter "ABC in Systems Biology" is now published in Handbook of Approximate Bayesian Computation.


2 June 2018

30 May 2018: The two sides of proteases - our new review is published in Current Opinion Immunology.


21 May 2018: We are in the news! The May issue of the MPIbpc News published a portrait about our group.
Sarah Henze

Sarah Henze

Forschungsgruppe Quantitative und System-Biologie
1 March 2018: We welcome our new team member Sarah Henze, who joins us as a PhD student for the next years.


07 December 2017: Our experimental design paper is now published in Bioinformatics.


Artem  Mansurkhodzhaev

Artem Mansurkhodzhaev

Forschungsgruppe Quantitative und System-Biologie
01. November 2017: We welcome our new team member Artem Mansurkhodzhaev, who joins us as a PhD student for the next years.

24 September 2017: New paper about random walks of stem cells.


17 August 2017: New review published in Trends in Immunology.

01 August 2017: Our paper highlighting the role of spliced peptides in infection is now published in Cell Reports.


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