Journal Article (3)

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    Journal Article
    Schneider, I.; Lenart, P.: Chromosome segregation: Is the spindle all about microtubules? Current Biology 27 (21), pp. R1168 - R1170 (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Bischof, J.; Brand, C. A.; Somogyi, K.; Májer, I.; Thome, S.; Mori, M.; Schwarz, U. S.; Lenart, P.: A cdk1 gradient guides surface contraction waves in oocytes. Nature Communications 8 (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Takács, Z.; Jankovics, F.; Vilmos, P.; Lenart, P.; Röper, K.; Erdélyi, M.: The spectraplakin Short stop is an essential microtubule regulator involved in epithelial closure in Drosophila. Journal of Cell Science 130 (4), pp. 712 - 724 (2017)

Book Chapter (1)

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    Book Chapter
    König, J.; Borrego-Pinto, J.; Streichert, D.; Munzig, M.; Lenart, P.; Müller-Reichert, T.: Analysis of cytokinesis by electron microscopy. In: Cytokinesis, Vol. 137, pp. 225 - 238 (Ed. Echard, A.). Elsevier (2017)
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