The planarian hunt continues through Göttingen. This time the Rink Lab sampling team spread out to the Leine and Flüthe in Göttingen, in search for new planarians. Indeed, something astonishing was discovered. [more]
Many congrats to our most recent PhD graduate, Dr. James Patrick Cleland. [more]
Happy to announce that construction of our accommodation building at Bolshiye Koty, Lake Baikal, has started. [more]
To study it we need a lab population. First, we need to find individuals. Crenobia is widespread in Europe, but has picky requirements: it needs clean, cold and oxygenated freshwater. Easy to find if you live in the Pyrenees. Problem: We live in Göttingen, at ~150 m elevation. Can we find it here? Possible. We will sample springs in the area. [more]
This is what Miquel Vila Farré and Rick Kluiver recently found in Göttingen (Germany). Beautiful land planarians, probably from the genus Microplana, hidden under logs. The body section if circular, not flat! [more]
While culture conditions have been nicely optimised for the closest thing we have to a "model organism" Schmidtea mediterranea (thanks to the hard work of our wonderful community over the years) the situation is somewhat more difficult for the many “non-model non-model species” in our collection (such as the pictured Cura pinguis of south-east Australia).  [more]
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