We are exited to announce that our 2021 seminar series, which we are co-hosting with Schuh Lab, will open on September 23 with our first guest, Jean-Léon Maître. [more]
The lab has been recently busy optimizing a pipeline for planarian collection and specimen preparation in the Lake Baikal in Siberia. [more]
We had to say goodbye to Doris who spent the last year(s) of her academic career with us at the Rink lab. Teaching us a lot about the MPI and gardening - this is why as a farewell present we had to give her something that would keep her busy during her well deserved retirement - an apple tree and lots of gardening tools. Thank you Doris for supporting and keeping us safe :-) [more]
Jochen experimenting with a new species ;-) ! We are celebrating the lab's 1 year anniversary, Hanh's successful contract signing as well as Daniel's master thesis. Congrats! [more]
On March 1st Delia joined our lab as technical assistant and future lab manager, taking slowly over most of the lab management tasks that Klaske has been in charge of. In addition, she will support research projects in the department. We are very happy to have you with us, Delia!   [more]
We had the honor to virtually host Celeste M. Nelson from Princeton University last week as part of our joint seminar series with the Schuh lab. There is an exiting lineup of speakers still to come in the following months. Please sign up to the MPI seminar subscribers’ list to stay tuned. [more]
Coming to the institute these days can be quite a challenge. We had heavy snowfall and very low temperatures during the past couple of days, but the beauty of the scenery around tower 6 where we are located is totally worth it. [more]
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