#Wormwednesday by Tobias Boothe: >300 aligned slices from a Cura pinguis hatchling. Recorded with our brand new Olympus VS200 slide scanner. [more]
The new worm facility is up and running with thousands of new happy campers! [more]
The Scope combines a dual camera spinning disc with a fast piezo stage, real time stitching and the suppression of unequal illumination artefacts. It’s mission: Automated 3D volume imaging of whole planarians at sub-cellular resolution. And boy, the neoblasts (planarian stem cells) really show up crisply :) [more]
Celebrating the signature of our future Lake Baikal field station cooperation agreement, and of course, please note that we had a corona like celebration on the balcony by keeping our 2 m distance! [more]
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