Luis Camacho

Position: MSc student

Home town: Heredia, Costa Rica

Freetime favorites: watching movies, avoiding stingrays at the beach


Coming from Costa Rica, I have seen the dramatic impact of neglected tropical diseases, like parasitic infections, as well as envenoming on communities.  I have experienced how a timely diagnosis and appropriate therapy can drastically improve the outcome of a patient. I studied ‘microbiology and clinical chemistry’ (BSc) at the University of Costa Rica and developed my thesis at the Clodomiro Picado Institute. The focus of my work was the characterization of hemolytic and non-hemolytic phospholipases A2 from the eastern coral snake and the recombinant preparation of target proteins from E. coli. My goal is to contribute to the molecular understanding of neglected diseases, which in turn may aid the development of better therapeutic strategies. In October 2021 I joined the Lorenz lab to identify strategies to target specific HECT-type ubiquitin ligases by small molecules.

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