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  1. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Tuma, J.; Paulini, R.; Stutz, J. A. R.; Richert, C.: How much pi-stacking do DNA termini seek? Solution structure of a self-complementary DNA hexamer with trimethoxystilbenes capping the terminal base pairs. Biochemistry 43 (50), S. 15680 - 15687 (2004)
  2. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Hughes, C. E.: Spin counting. Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 45 (3-4), S. 301 - 313 (2004)
  3. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Pobbati, A.; Razeto, A.; Boeddener, M.; Becker, S.; Fasshauer, D.: Structural basis for the inhibitory role of tomosyn in exocytosis. Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (45), S. 47192 - 47200 (2004)
  4. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Andronesi, O.; Pfeifer, J. R.; Al-Momani, L.; Ozdirekcan, S.; Rijkers, D. T. S.; Angerstein, B.; Luca, S.; Koert, U.; Killian, J. A.; Baldus, M.: Probing membrane protein orientation and structure using fast magic-angle-spinning solid-state NMR. Journal of Biomolecular NMR 30 (3), S. 253 - 265 (2004)
  5. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Rumpel, S.; Razeto, A.; Pillar, C. M.; Vijayan, V.; Taylor, A.; Giller, K.; Gilmore, M. S.; Becker, S.; Zweckstetter, M.: Structure and DNA-binding properties of the cytolysin regulator CylR2 from Enterococcus faecalis. EMBO Journal 23 (18), S. 3632 - 3642 (2004)
  6. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Hughes, C. E.; Haufe, S.; Angerstein, B.; Kalim, R.; Mahr, U.; Reiche, A.; Baldus, M.: Probing structure and dynamics in poly[2,2 '-(m-phenylene)-5,5 '-bibenzimidazole] fuel cells with magic-angle spinning NMR. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108 (36), S. 13626 - 13631 (2004)
  7. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Jung, Y. S.; Zweckstetter, M.: Mars - robust automatic backbone assignment of proteins. Journal of Biomolecular NMR 30 (1), S. 11 - 23 (2004)
  8. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Ikegami, T.; Verdier, L.; Sakhaii, P.; Grimme, S.; Pescatore, B.; Saxena, K.; Fiebig, K.; Griesinger, C.: Novel techniques for weak alignment of proteins in solution using chemical tags coordinating lanthanide ions. Journal of Biomolecular NMR 29 (3), S. 339 - 349 (2004)
  9. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Soruri, A.; Fayyazi, A.; Gangl, S.; Griesinger, C.; Albrecht, C. A.; Schlott, T.: In vitro generation of cytolytic T cells against human melanoma cells overexpressing HDM2. Anticancer Research 24 (4), S. 2141 - 2151 (2004)
  10. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Luy, B.; Diener, A.; Hummel, R. P.; Sturm, E.; Ulrich, W. R.; Griesinger, C.: Structure and potential C-terminal dimerization of a recombinant mutant of surfactant-associated protein C in chloroform/methanol. European Journal of Biochemistry 271 (11), S. 2076 - 2085 (2004)
  11. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Fernandez, C. O.; Hoyer, W.; Zweckstetter, M.; Jares-Erijman, E. A.; Subramaniam, V.; Griesinger, C.; Jovin, T. M.: NMR of α-synuclein-polyamine complexes elucidates the mechanism and kinetics of induced aggregation. EMBO Journal 23, doi:10.1038/sj.emboj.7600211, S. 2039 - 2046 (2004)
  12. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Hughes, C. E.; Carravetta, M.; Levitt, M. H.: Some conjectures for cogwheel phase cycling. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 167 (2), S. 259 - 265 (2004)
  13. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Razeto, A.; Giller, K.; Haas, W.; Gilmore, M. S.; Zweckstetter, M.; Becker, S.: Expression, purification, crystallization and preliminary crystallographic studies of the Enterococcus faecalis cytolysin repressor CylR2. Acta Crystallographica Section D-Biological Crystallography 60, S. 746 - 748 (2004)
  14. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Razeto, A.; Pfitzner, E.; Becker, S.: Crystallization and preliminary crystallographic studies of the NCoA-1/SRC-1 PAS-B domain bound to the LXXLL motif of the STAT6 transactivation. Acta Crystallographica Section D-Biological Crystallography 60, S. 550 - 552 (2004)
  15. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Hughes, C. E.; Luca, S.; Baldus, M.: Radio-frequency driven polarization transfer without heteronuclear decoupling in rotating solids. Chemical Physics Letters 385 (5-6), S. 435 - 440 (2004)
  16. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Razeto, A.; Ramakrishnan, V.; Litterst, C. M.; Giller, K.; Griesinger, C.; Carlomagno, T.; Lakomek, N. A.; Heimburg, T.; Lodrini, M.; Pfitzner, E. et al.; Becker, S.: Structure of the NCoA-1/SRC-1 PAS-B domain bound to the LXXLL motif of the STAT6 transactivation domain. Journal of Molecular Biology 336 (2), S. 319 - 329 (2004)
  17. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Swan, L. E.; Wichmann, C.; Prange, U.; Schmid, A.; Schmidt, M.; Schwarz, T.; Ponimaskin, E.; Madeo, F.; Vorbrüggen, G.; Sigrist, S. J.: A glutamate receptor-interacting protein homolog organizes muscle guidance in Drosophila. Genes & Development 18 (2), S. 223 - 237 (2004)
  18. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Harauz, G.; Ishiyama, N.; Hill, C. M. D.; Bates, I. R.; Libich, D. S.; Fares, C.: Myelin basic protein - diverse conformational states of an intrinsically unstructured protein and its roles in myelin assembly and multiple sclerosis. Micron 35 (7), S. 503 - 542 (2004)
  19. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Jung, Y. S.; Sharma, M.; Zweckstetter, M.: Simultaneous assignment and structure determination of protein backbones by using NMR dipolar couplings. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 43 (26), S. 3479 - 3481 (2004)
  20. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Peng, Y.; Fan, H. J.; Zhu, H. P.; Roesky, H. W.; Magull, J.; Hughes, C. E.: [{HC(CMeNAr)(2)}(2)Al2P4] (Ar=2,6-iPr(2)C(6)H(3)): A reduction to a formal {P-4},4(-) charged species. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 43 (26), S. 3443 - 3445 (2004)
  21. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Seidel, K.; Lange, A.; Becker, S.; Hughes, C. E.; Heise, H.; Baldus, M.: Protein solid-state NMR resonance assignments from (C-13, C-13) correlation spectroscopy. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 6 (22), S. 5090 - 5093 (2004)
  22. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Shima, S.; Lyon, E. J.; Sordel-Klippert, M. S.; Kauss, M.; Kahnt, J.; Thauer, R. K.; Steinbach, K.; Xie, X. L.; Verdier, L.; Griesinger, C.: The cofactor of the iron-sulfur cluster free hydrogenase Hmd: Structure of the light-inactivation product. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 43 (19), S. 2547 - 2551 (2004)
  23. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Sonnenberg, L.; Luca, S.; Baldus, M.: Multiple-spin analysis of chemical-shift-selective (C-13, C-13) transfer in uniformly labeled biomolecules. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 166 (1), S. 100 - 110 (2004)
  24. Zeitschriftenartikel
    van Buuren, B. N. M.; Schleucher, A.; Wittmann, V.; Griesinger, C.; Schwalbe, H.; Wijmenga, S. S.: NMR spectroscopic determination of the solution structure of a branched nucleic acid from residual dipolar couplings by using isotopically labeled nucleotides. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 43 (2), S. 187 - 192 (2004)
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