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    Warkocki, Z.; Odenwälder, P.; Schmitzova, J.; Platzmann, F.; Stark, H.; Urlaub, H.; Ficner, R.; Fabrizio, P.; Lührmann, R.: Reconstitution of both steps of S. cerevisiae splicing with purified spliceosomal components. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 16 (12), S. 1237 - 1243 (2009)
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    Elfinger, M.; Pfeifer, C.; Uezguen, S.; Golas, M. M.; Sander, B.; Mauksch, C.; Stark, H.; Aneja, M. K.; Rudolph, C.: Self-assembly of ternary insulin−polyethylenimine (PEI)−DNA nanoparticles for enhanced gene delivery and expression in alveolar epithelial cells. Biomacromolecules 10 (10), S. 2912 - 2920 (2009)
  3. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Wolf, E.; Kastner, B.; Deckert, J.; Merz, C.; Stark, H.; Lührmann, R.: Exon, intron and splice site locations in the spliceosomal B complex. EMBO Journal 28, S. 2283 - 2292 (2009)
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    Andersen, E. S.; Dong, M.; Nielsen, M. M.; Jahn, K.; Subramani, R.; Mamdouh, W.; Golas, M. M.; Sander, B.; Stark, H.; Oliveira, C. L. et al.; Pedersen, J. S.; Birkedal, V.; Besenbacher, F.; Gothelf, K. V.; Kjems, J.: Self-assembly of a nanoscale DNA box with a controllable lid. Nature 459 (7243), S. 73 - 76 (2009)
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    Golas, M. M.; Boehm, C.; Sander, B.; Effenberger, K.; Brecht, M.; Stark, H.; Goeringer, H. U.: Snapshots of the RNA editing machine in trypanosomes captured at different assembly stages in vivo. EMBO Journal 28 (6), S. 766 - 778 (2009)
  6. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Herzog, F.; Primorac, I.; Dube, P.; Lenart, P.; Sander, B.; Mechtler, K.; Stark, H.; Peters, J. M.: Structure of the anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome interacting with a mitotic checkpoint complex. Science 323 (5920), S. 1477 - 1481 (2009)
  7. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Fabrizio, P.; Dannenberg, J.; Dube, P.; Kastner, B.; Stark, H.; Urlaub, H.; Lührmann, R.: The evolutionarily conserved core design of the catalytic activation step of the yeast spliceosome. Molecular Cell 36 (4), S. 593 - 608 (2009)
  8. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Lührmann, R.; Stark, H.: Structural mapping of spliceosomes by electron microscopy. Current Opinion in Structural Biology 19, S. 96 - 102 (2009)
  9. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Sanchez, M.; Drechsler, M.; Stark, H.; Lipps, G.: DNA translocation activity of the multifunctional replication protein ORF904 from the archaeal plasmid pRN1. Nucleic Acids Research 37 (20), S. 6831 - 6848 (2009)
  10. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Schmeisser, M.; Heisen, B.; Luettich, M.; Busche, B.; Hauer, F.; Koske, T.; Knauber, K. H.: Parallel, distributed and GPU computing technologies in single-particle electron microscopy. Acta Crystallographica D 65 (7), S. 659 - 671 (2009)
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