Internships at the Institute

Is an Internship the Right Option for Me?

An internship in a research laboratory may be useful in different situations. Maybe you want to obtain insights into the work of a scientist before you decide what to study. Or maybe you want to gain experience while studying. It may also be useful prior to or during vocational training.

Can I Do an Internship at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry?

Yes, in principle internships at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry are possible. If you're seriously considering a career path in science, then please proceed as outlined below. First of all, please use our website to familiarize yourself with the research in our departments and research groups. This will allow you to find out which groups would fit best your interests. There are exceptions of course: the Emeritus Group of Molecular Developmental Biology and Biomedical NMR, unfortunately, can not offer any internships.

In addition to an internship in one of our departments or research groups you can also perform an internship with one of our workshops or service facilities.

Where Can I Find Information about the Various Research Areas and Vocational Training?

Take a closer look at the category research on our website and you will already find a lot of information about the different research areas. For an overview, our institute booklet provides helpful information (see Download to the left). If you send us your postal address, we would be happy to mail you a printed version. More about our vocational training can be found here.

How Can I Apply?

Please send your application by e-mail or mail directly to the head of the department or research group you interested in working with. It can also be helpful to send your application to several groups, since the number of applications unfortunately far exceeds the available capacity.

...and Last but Not Least:

Please remember that the planning requires some time. Therefore, it is advisable to apply as early as possible and send in your complete application. Please include a cover letter, your CV, a short description of your technical expertise, and employment references, if available.

We Wish You Good Luck with Your Application!

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