IT Infrastructure at the Institute

In case of IT-related problems you can get support from three different sources:

Departmental IT
There is an IT administrator in each department or group, who is responsible for the IT infrastructure of that particular department.
The IT administrator of your group is your primary contact person.
IT & Electronic Service
The IT & Elektronic Service is responsible for IT tasks regarding the entire institute. For example they manage central servers (like WEB-Server, File- & Printserver), they maintain a pool of computer equipment for borrowing, etc. The IT service supports the departmental IT administrators, to an extent which differs between different groups. For many groups they are responsible for the whole area of desktop installation and service.
Besides computer-related issues their service includes the repair, modification and construction of electronic devices. Most of the members of the group work in the Central Electronic Workshop.
The Gesellschaft für Wisschenschaftliche Datenverarabeitung Göttingen (GWDG) is the computer center of the University of Göttingen and the Max-Planck-Society. It is located on our campus at the ground floor of Tower VI.
Some IT Services are provided by the GWDG. For ordinary users the important ones are the Mail-Server, the GWDG Cloud share and the WiFi eduroam. If you have very specific IT-related questions the staff of the GWDG can provide competent support.

User Accounts

Usually, one of the first issues as a new member or guest of the institute is getting access to the computers in your department. As a rule, nobody can use the IT infrastructure, and in particular nobody gets an account, who has not acknowledged and signed the User Regulation for the IT Infrastructure. Please read this document, especially the sections about user rights and obligations. After you have signed the Application for a User Account at the Institute, hand it to the IT administrator of your department.

Every user account in the institute is simultaneously an account with the GWDG. For this reason two applications must be filled out, one for a user account with the institute and one for an account with the GWDG. 

Each user account is set up in two systems, the LDAP of the GWDG and the institute domain MPG BPC in the active directory. So that the passwords are the same, they can only be changed using the self service of the  GWDG.

When logging in to services at either the institute or the GWDG, use your accountname or

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