Our institute currently consists of 11 departments, 6 Emeritus groups and 20 research groups with their own research focus. These are supported through 15 central scientific and general service facilities. With more than 700 people – among them about 470 scientists – our institute is one of the largest in the Max Planck Society and unique in its multidisciplinary approach.

In order to maintain a high scientific standard, an advisory board of international scientists regularly assesses the research undertaken here. A board of trustees, composed of scientists as well as representatives from industry and politics, supports the integration of the institute's work into the wider social context.


Managing Director: Dirk Görlich

Deputy Managing Director: Marina Rodnina

Head of Administration: Achim Rodeck

Employee Representatives

Ombudsperson of the Institute: Wolfgang Wintermeyer

Section Member of Scientific Staff: Steffen J. Sahl

Equal Opportunity Representative: Ulrike Gerischer


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