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Ben, R.; Hallmann, D.; Poralla, K.; Eibl, H.: Interaction of hopanoids with phosphatidylcholines containing oleic and ω-cyclohexyldodecanoic acid in lipid bilayer membranes. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 34 (1), pp. 7 - 24 (1983)
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Churchill, P.; Mc Intyre, J. O.; Eibl, H.; Fleischer, S.: Activation of D-beta-hydroxybutyrate apodehydrogenase using molecular species of mixed fatty acyl phospholipids. Journal of Biological Chemistry 258 (1), pp. 208 - 214 (1983)
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Grünhagen, H. H.; Eibl, H.; Krebs, G.; Reiter, P.: Phospholipid and fatty acid composition of tetrodotoxin receptor-rich membrane fragments from Electrophorus electricus. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 732 (3), pp. 675 - 682 (1983)
Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Stümpel, J.; Eibl, H.; Niksch, A.: X-ray analysis and calorimetry on phosphatidylcholine model membranes. The influence of length and position of acyl chains upon structure and phase behaviour. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 727 (2), pp. 246 - 254 (1983)
Journal Article
Vaz, W.L.C.; Hallmann, D.: Experimental evidence against the applicability of the Saffman-Delbrück model to the translational diffusion of lipids in phosphatidylcholine bilayer membranes. FEBS Letters 152 (2), pp. 287 - 290 (1983)
Journal Article
Vogel, H.; Jähnig, F.; Hoffmann, V.; Stümpel, J.: The orientation of melittin in lipid membranes. A polarized infrared spectroscopy study. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 733 (2), pp. 201 - 209 (1983)
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