Mathematical Biophysics

Mathematical Biophysics

We develop and apply the methods of mathematical physics and the theory of stochastic processes to study phenomena in biophysics. Our main research focus is currently the non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of single molecules. In particular, we aim at a trajectory-based description of macromolecular conformation dynamics as well as of their spatial transport, binding, and reactions. In our work we employ a combination of rigorous analysis and computer simulation methods. For details please visit our research page.

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Most recent papers

M. Schwarzl, A. Godec and R. Metzler
Quantifying non-ergodicity of anomalous diffusion with higher order moments
Scientific Reports 7, 3878 (2017)
A. Godec and R. Metzler
First passage time statistics for two-channel diffusion
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 50, 084001 (2017)
A. Godec and R. Metzler
Universal Proximity Effect in Target Search Kinetics in the Few-Encounter Limit
Physical Review X 6 041037 (2016)

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