Time-Evolution of the Earth's Magnetic Field During a Simulated Reversal

Shown is the radial magnetic field of our Earth-like dynamo (chemical convection at E = 3x10-4, Pm = 3, Ra = 35 times critical). Red colors positive, blue negative values. The animations cover the time interval from Fig. 8 of Kutzner and Christensen (2002) [3], see also Fig. 9 therein. Time t above the animations is given in magnetic diffusion time.

Fig. 1: This animation shows the field as it would appear at the surface of the Earth. Contour step is 0.0055.

Fig. 2: Field at the core-mantle-boundary (CMB), contour step is 0.29. View onto the north pole of the CMB. Notice the strong flux patches that form above the pole at time t=1.866. They are due to expulsion of toroidal field by an upwelling plume.

Fig. 3: Field at the CMB, contour step is 0.29. View onto the south pole of the CMB.


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