Bachelor & Master Projects

Are you looking for Bachelor or Master thesis projects?

Are you interested in the topics studied at our department and in the techniques applied? Do you want to learn more about structual biology, scientific computing on high-performance parallel computers or use professional simulation software and develop new software tools?

You are most welcome to enjoy scientific work in our group! Contact us about further details or to discuss your particular interestes and to outline your individual bachelor or master project. You are also welcome to submit your application documents (motivation letter, CV and certificates) directly to

Potential subjects for your Bachelor or Master thesis at the department:

Grubmüller Group

  • Functional mechanisms of biomolecular "machines"
  • Simulation of FRET experiments
  • What determines protein stability? Entropy of water at protein surfaces
  • Universal protein dynamics in hierarchic energy landscapes
  • How does selective protein transport across nuclear pore complexes work?

de Groot Group

  • Communication networks in proteins
  • Computational electrophysiology: permeation and gating of ion channels
  • Protein design by non-equilibrium free energy simulations
  • Long timescale protein dynamics from NMR data
  • Computational drug design
  • Molecular recognition

Godec Group

  • Precision of transport coupled receptor signaling at low-copy numbers
  • Single-molecule search processes and cellular regulatory kinetics
  • Exploration of complex diffusion- and energylandscapes and kinetics in the few-encounter limit
  • Understanding projection-induced memory effects in single-molecule dynamics
  • Statistical mechanics of allosteric regulation
  • Understanding and engineering soft modes in linear elastic networks
  • Spectral theory of elastic elastic network models of proteins
  • Dynamical stability of adhesion complexes under external load

August 2018

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