PostDoc Projects

Interested in spending your PostDoc time with us?

You are most welcome to submit your application documents including motivation letter, CV, publication list and certificates preferrably as single PDF file via email to .

Please indicate here, which particular research project(s) is/are of special interest for you and state your motivation! We are also happy to discuss your independent research project suggestion!

We are looking for particular support in these projects:

  • Understanding how molecular machines work: The ribosome and F-ATP Synthase
  • Dynamic protonation algorithms for biomolecules in molecular simulations
  • Interpretation of single-molecule experiments
  • Statistical mechanisms of biomolecules
  • Accurate free energy differences from non-equilibrium simulations
  • Molecular recognition mechanisms in protein-ligand and protein-protein binding
  • Understanding SNARE-mediated membrane fusion
  • Computational electrophysiology of ion channel permeation and selectivity
  • Conformational dynamics of allosteric transitions

Our expectations:

You have a strong background in Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and/or Mathematics and hold a PhD in any of these or a related field. Applicants must be highly interactive and willing to collaborate efficiently with experts from all natural sciences. Depending on the topic, candidates should be able to translate physical concepts into program code, e.g. C, Fortran or Matlab and should be familiar with a scripting and a computer language (e.g., Bash, Python, C).

 Your application is most welcome at any time!

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