Publications of K. Weber

Book Chapter (4)

Book Chapter
Weber, K.; Geisler, N.: Intermediate filaments-from wool alpha-keratins to neurofilaments: A structural overview. In: The Transformed Phenotype (Ed. Levine, A. J.) (1984)

Conference Paper (7)

Conference Paper
Marriott, G.; Johnsson, N.; Weber, K.: Absorption and fluorescence spectroscopic studies of the Ca-2+ dependent lipid binding protein P36, protein P! and protein P2. Biophysical Journal 57 (2), p. A153 - A153 (1990)
Conference Paper
Osborn, M.; Altmannsberger, M.; Weber, K.: Intermediate filaments and other cytoskeletal proteins as markers in cell-differentiation and pathology. Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility 9 (1), p. 92 - 92 (1988)
Conference Paper
Fürst, D.; Nave, R.; Osborn, M.; Weber, K.: Preliminary characterization of monoclonal-antibodies to titin and nebulin. Biological Chemistry Hoppe-Seyler 368 (9), p. 1043 - 1043 (1987)
Conference Paper
Shadle, P.; Weber, K.: Calcium-binding protein from instestinal brush-border associates specifically with membranes and cytoskeletal filaments. Federation Proceedings 44 (3), p. 726 - 726 (1985)
Conference Paper
Skalli, O.; Gabbiani, G.; Vanderkerckhove , J.; Weber, K.: Patterns of actin isoforms expression in fibroblastic and smooth-muscle tissue invivo. Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility 6 (1), p. 62 - 62 (1985)
Conference Paper
Vollrath, M.; Altmannsberger, M.; Osborn, M.; Weber, K.: Histogenesis of olfactory neuroepi‐thelioma‐an ultrastructural, immuno‐histological and biochemical investigation of chemically induced tumours of the olfactory epithelium of rats. Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology 11 (4), pp. 327 - 328 (1985)
Conference Paper
Skalli, O.; Gabbiani, G.; Vandekerckhove, J.; Weber, K.: The fibroblastic nature of myofibroblasts suggested by their actin isoform pattern. Federation Proceedings 43 (4), p. 802 - 802 (1984)
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