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Eychmüller, A.; Grellmann, K. H.; Dräger, H.: Top‐loading unit for closed‐cycle refrigeration systems. Review of Scientific Instruments 56, pp. 2333 - 2335 (1985)
Journal Article
Baron, U.; Bartelt, G.; Eychmüller, A.; Grellmann, K. H.; Schmitt, U.; Tauer, E.; Weller, H.: The utilization of tunnel effects for mechanistic studies of hydrogen transfer reactions. Journal of Photochemistry 28 (2), pp. 187 - 195 (1985)
Journal Article
Grellmann, K. H.; Weller, A.; Tauer, E.: Tunnel effect on the kinetics of hydrogen shifts. The enol-ketone transformation of 2′-methylacetophenone. Chemical Physics Letters 95 (3), pp. 195 - 199 (1983)
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