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Korchak, S.; Jagtap, A.; Glöggler, S.: Signal-enhanced real-time magnetic resonance of enzymatic reactions at millitesla fields. Chemical Science, In Press (2020)
Journal Article
Korchak, S.; Emondts, M.; Mamone, S.; Blümich, B.; Glöggler, S.: Production of highly concentrated and hyperpolarized metabolites within seconds in high and low magnetic fields. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (41), pp. 22849 - 22856 (2019)
Journal Article
Korchak, S.; Mamone, S.; Glöggler, S.: Over 50 % 1H and 13C polarization for generating hyperpolarized metabolites—A para‐hydrogen approach. ChemistryOpen 7 (9), pp. 672 - 676 (2018)
Journal Article
McCormick, J.; Korchak, S.; Mamone, S.; Ertas, Y.; Liu, Z.; Verlinsky, L.; Wagner, S.; Glöggler, S.; Bouchard, L.: More than 12% polarization and 20 minute lifetime of 15N on choline derivative utilizing parahydrogen and Rhodium nanocatalyst in water. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (33), pp. 10692 - 10696 (2018)
Journal Article
Korchak, S.; Riemer, T.; Kilian, W.; Mitschang, L.: Quantitative assessment of xenon exchange kinetics with Cucurbit[6]uril in physiological saline. ChemPhysChem 19 (15), pp. 1859 - 1865 (2018)
Journal Article
Korchak, S.; Yang, S.; Mamone, S.; Glöggler, S.: Pulsed magnetic resonance to signal‐enhance metabolites within seconds by utilizing para‐hydrogen. ChemistryOpen 7 (5), pp. 344 - 348 (2018)
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