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Journal Article
Zylicz, J. J.; Bousard, A.; Zumer, K.; Dossin, F.; Mohammad, E.; da Rocha, S. T.; Schwalb, B.; Syx, L.; Dingli, F.; Loew, D. et al.; Cramer, P.; Heard, E.: The implication of early chromatin changes in X chromosome inactivation. Cell 176 (1-2), pp. 182 - 197 (2019)
Journal Article
Shao, W.; Zumer, K.; Fujinaga, K.; Peterlin, B. M.: FBXO3 protein promotes ubiquitylation and transcriptional activity of AIRE (Autoimmune Regulator). Journal of Biological Chemistry 291 (34), pp. 17953 - 17963 (2016)
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