Publications of E. C. C. Melo

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Journal Article
Bultmann, T.; Vaz, W. L. C.; Melo, E. C. C.; Sisk, R. B.; Thompson, T. E.: Fluid-phase connectivity and translational diffusion in a eutectic, 2-component, 2-phase phosphatidylcholine bilayer. Biochemistry 30 (22), pp. 5573 - 5579 (1991)
Journal Article
Vaz, W. L. C.; Melo, E. C. C.; Thompson, T. E.: Fluid phase connectivity in an isomorphous, two-component, two-phase phosphatidylcholine bilayer. Biophysical Journal 58 (1), pp. 273 - 275 (1990)
Journal Article
Vaz, W.L.C.; Melo, E.C.C.; Thompson, T.: Translational diffusion and fluid domain connectivity in a two-component, two-phase phospholipid bilayer. Biophysical Journal 56 (5), pp. 869 - 876 (1989)
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