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    Martin, N.; Schwamborn, K.; Urlaub, H.; Gan, B.; Guan, J. L.; Dejean, A.: Spatial interplay between PIASy and FIP200 in the regulation of signal transduction and transcriptional activity. Molecular and Cellular Biology 28 (8), pp. 2771 - 2781 (2008)
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    Marcus, K.; Kuehn-Hoelsken, E.; Schmidt, C.; Schulenborg, T.; Urlaub, H.: 'Proteomic basics-sample preparation and separation': the 1st european summer school in Kloster Neustift 12-18 August, 2007 Brixen/Bressanone, South Tyrol, Italy. PROTEOMICS 8 (2), pp. 230 - 233 (2008)
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    Martin, N.; Schwamborn, K.; Urlaub, H.; Gan, B.; Guan, J. L.; Dejean, A.: Spatial interplay between PIASy and FIP200 in the regulation of signal transduction and transcriptional activity. Molecular and Cellular Biology 28 (8), pp. 2771 - 2781 (2008)
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    Matthes, A.; Schmidt-Gattung, S.; Koehler, D.; Forner, J.; Wildum, S.; Raabe, M.; Urlaub, H.; Binder, S.: Two DEAD-box proteins may be part of RNA-dependent high-molecular-mass protein complexes in Arabidopsis mitochondria. Plant Physiology 145 (4), pp. 1637 - 1646 (2007)
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    Kuehn-Hoelsken, E.; Dybkov, O.; Sander, B.; Luehrmann, R.; Urlaub, H.: Improved identification of enriched peptide–RNA cross-links from ribonucleoprotein particles (RNPs) by mass spectrometry. Nucleic Acids Research 35 (15), e95 (2007)
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    Li, X.; Kim, J. W.; Groenborg, M.; Urlaub, H.; Lane, M. D.; Tang, Q. Q.: Role of cdk2 in the sequential phosphorylation/activation of C/EBPβ during adipocyte differentiation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 104 (28), pp. 11597 - 11602 (2007)
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    Takenaka, M.; Verbitskiy, D.; van der Merwe, J. A.; Zehrmann, A.; Plessmann, U.; Urlaub, H.; Brennicke, A.: In vitro RNA editing in plant mitochondria does not require added energy. FEBS Letters 581 (14), pp. 2743 - 2747 (2007)
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    Lenz, C.; Kuehn-Hoelsken, E.; Urlaub, H.: Detection of protein-RNA crosslinks by nanoLC-ESI-MS/MS using precursor ion scanning and multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) experiments. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 18 (5), pp. 869 - 881 (2007)
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    Behzadnia, N.; Golas, M. M.; Hartmuth, K.; Sander, B.; Kastner, B.; Deckert, J.; Dube, P.; Will, C. L.; Urlaub, H.; Stark, H. et al.; Luehrmann, R.: Composition and three-dimensional EM structure of double affinity-purified, human prespliceosomal A complexes. The EMBO Journal 26 (6), pp. 1737 - 1748 (2007)
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    Hoeck, J.; Weinmann, L.; Ender, C.; Rudel, S.; Kremmer, E.; Raabe, M.; Urlaub, H.; Meister, G.: Proteomic and functional analysis of Argonaute-containing mRNA–protein complexes in human cells. EMBO Reports 8 (11), pp. 1052 - 1060 (2007)
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    Kumar, P.; Bischof, O.; Purbey, P. K.; Notani, D.; Urlaub, H.; Dejean, A.; Galande, S.: Functional interaction between PML and SATB1 regulates chromatin-loop architecture and transcription of the MHC class I locus. Nature Cell Biology 9 (1), pp. 45 - 56 (2007)
  12. Journal Article
    Merz, C.; Urlaub, H.; Will, C. L.; Luehrmann, R.: Protein composition of human mRNPs spliced in vitro and differential requirements for mRNP protein recruitment. RNA 13, pp. 116 - 128 (2007)
  13. Journal Article
    Takamori, S.; Holt, M.; Stenius, K.; Lemke, E.; Groenborg, M.; Riedel, D.; Urlaub, H.; Schenck, S.; Bruegger, B.; Ringler, P. et al.; Mueller, S.; Rammner, B.; Graeter, F.; Hub, J. S.; de Groot, B. L.; Mieskes, G.; Moriyama, Y.; Klingauf, J.; Grubmueller, H.; Heuser, J.; Wieland, F.; Jahn, R.: Molecular anatomy of a trafficking organelle. Cell 127 (4), pp. 831 - 846 (2006)
  14. Journal Article
    Georg, J.; Schomacher, L.; Chong, J. P. J.; Majernik, A. I.; Raabe, M.; Urlaub, H.; Muller, S.; Ciirdaeva, E.; Kramer, W.; Fritz, H. J.: The Methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus ExoIII homologue Mth212 is a DNA uridine endonuclease. Nucleic Acids Research 34 (18), pp. 5325 - 5336 (2006)
  15. Journal Article
    Trippe, R.; Guschina, E.; Hossbach, M.; Urlaub, H.; Luehrmann, R.; Benecke, B. J.: Identification, cloning and functional analysis of the human U6 snRNA-specific terminal uridylyl transferase. RNA 12 (8), pp. 1494 - 1504 (2006)
  16. Journal Article
    Deckert, J.; Hartmuth, K.; Boehringer, D.; Behzadnia, N.; Will, C. L.; Kastner, B.; Stark, H.; Urlaub, H.; Luehrmann, R.: Protein composition and electron microscopy structure of affinity-purified human spliceosomal B complexes isolated under physiological conditions. Molecular and Cellular Biology 26 (14), pp. 5528 - 5543 (2006)
  17. Journal Article
    Holt, M.; Varoqueaux, F.; Wiederhold, K.; Takamori, S.; Urlaub, H.; Fasshauer, D.; Jahn, R.: Identification of SNAP-47, a novel Qbc-SNARE with ubiquitous expression. Journal of Biological Chemistry 281, pp. 17076 - 17083 (2006)
  18. Journal Article
    Karaduman, R.; Fabrizio, P.; Hartmuth, K.; Urlaub, H.; Luehrmann, R.: RNA structure and RNA-protein interactions in purified yeast U6 snRNPs. Journal of Molecular Biology 356, pp. 1248 - 1262 (2006)
  19. Journal Article
    Meister, G.; Landthaler, M.; Peters, L.; Chen, P. Y.; Urlaub, H.; Luehrmann, R.; Tuschl, T.: Identification of novel argonaute-associated proteins. Current Biology 15 (23), pp. 2149 - 2155 (2005)
  20. Journal Article
    Kuehn-Hoelsken, E.; Lenz, C.; Sander, B.; Luehrmann, R.; Urlaub, H.: Complete MALDI-ToF MS analysis of cross-linked peptide-RNA oligonucleotides derived from nonlabeled UV-irradiated ribonucleoprotein particles. RNA 11 (12), pp. 1915 - 1930 (2005)
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