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    Groenke, S.; Mueller, G.; Hirsch, J.; Fellert, S.; Andreou, A.; Haase, T.; Jaeckle, H.; Kuehnlein, R. P.: Dual lipolytic control of body fat storage and mobilization in Drosophila. PLoS Biology 5 (6), pp. 1248 - 1256 (2007)
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    Doering, F.; Scholz, H.; Kuehnlein, R. P.; Karschin, A.; Wischmeyer, E.: Novel Drosophila two-pore domain K+ channels: rescue of channel function by heteromeric assembly. European Journal of Neuroscience 24 (8), pp. 2264 - 2274 (2006)
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    Journal Article
    Beller, M.; Riedel, D.; Jaensch, L.; Dieterich, G.; Wehland, J.; Jaeckle, H.; Kuehnlein, R. P.: Characterization of the Drosophila lipid droplet subproteome. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics 5 (6), pp. 1082 - 1094 (2006)
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    Journal Article
    Groenke, S.; Mildner, A.; Fellert, S.; Tennagels, N.; Petry, S.; Mueller, G.; Jaeckle, H.; Kuehnlein, R. P.: Brummer lipase is an evolutionary conserved fat storage regulator in Drosophila. Cell Metabolism 1 (5), pp. 323 - 330 (2005)
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    Haeder, T.; Mueller, S.; Aguilera, M.; Eulenberg, K. G.; Steuernagel, A.; Ciossek, T.; Kuehnlein, R. P.; Lemaire, L.; Fritsch, R.; Dohrmann, C. et al.; Vetter, I. R.; Jaeckle, H.; Doane, W. W.; Broenner, G.: Control of triglyceride storage by a WD40/TPR-domain protein. EMBO Reports 4 (5), pp. 511 - 516 (2003)
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    Journal Article
    Groenke, S.; Beller, M.; Fellert, S.; Ramakrishnan, H.; Jaeckle, H.; Kuehnlein, R. P.: Control of fat storage by a Drosophila PAT domain protein. Current Biology 13 (7), pp. 603 - 606 (2003)
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    Doering, F.; Wischmeyer, E.; Kuehnlein, R. P.; Jaeckle, H.; Karschin, A.: Inwardly rectifying K+ (Kir) channels in Drosophila - A crucial role of cellular milieu factors for Kir channel function. Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (28), pp. 25554 - 25561 (2002)
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    Journal Article
    Koester, R. W.; Kuehnlein, R. P.; Wittbrodt, J.: Ectopic Sox3 activity elicits sensory placode formation. Mechanisms of Development 95, pp. 175 - 187 (2000)
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    Journal Article
    Loosli, F.; Koester, R. W.; Carl, M.; Kuehnlein, R. P.; Henrich, T.; Muecke, M.; Krone, A.; Wittbrodt, J.: A genetic screen for mutations affecting embryonic development in medaka fish (Oryzias latipes). Mechanisms of Development 97, pp. 133 - 139 (2000)
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    Journal Article
    Mollereau, B.; Wernet, M. F.; Beaufils, P.; Killian, D.; Pichaud, F.; Kuehnlein, R. P.; Desplan, C.: A green fluorescent protein enhancer trap screen in Drosophila photoreceptor cells. Mechanisms of Development 93, pp. 151 - 160 (2000)
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    Journal Article
    Chen, C. K.; Kuehnlein, R. P.; Eulenberg, K. G.; Vincent, S.; Affolter, M.; Schuh, R.: The transcription factors Knirps and Knirps-Related control cell migration and branch morphogenesis during Drosophila tracheal development. Development 125, pp. 4959 - 4968 (1998)
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    Journal Article
    Kuehnlein, R. P.; Chen, C. K.; Schuh, R.: A transcription unit at the ken and barbie gene locus encodes a novel Drosophila zinc finger protein. Mechanisms of Development 79, pp. 161 - 164 (1998)
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    Journal Article
    Kuehnlein, R. P.; Broenner, G.; Taubert, H.; Schuh, R.: Regulation of Drosophila spalt gene expression. Mechanisms of Development 66 (1-2), pp. 107 - 118 (1997)
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    Kuehnlein, R. P.; Schuh, R.: Dual function of the region-specific homeotic gene spalt during Drosophila tracheal system development. Development 122 (7), pp. 2215 - 2223 (1996)
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    Journal Article
    Reuter, D.; Kuehnlein, R. P.; Frommer, G.; Barrio, R.; Kafatos, F. C.; Jaeckle, H.; Schuh, R.: Regulation, function and potential origin of the Drosophila gene spalt adjacent, which encodes a secreted protein expressed in the early embryo. Chromosoma 104 (6), pp. 445 - 454 (1996)
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    Journal Article
    Kuehnlein, R. P.; Frommer, G.; Friedrich, M.; Gonzalez-Gaitan, M.; Weber, A.; Wagnerbernholz, J. F.; Gehring, W. J.; Jaeckle, H.; Schuh, R.: Spalt encodes an evolutionarily conserved zinc finger protein of novel structure which provides homeotic gene function in the head and tail region of the Drosophila embryo. EMBO Journal 13 (1), pp. 168 - 179 (1994)

Book Chapter (1)

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    Book Chapter
    Kühnlein, R. P.: Energy homeostasis regulation in Drosophila: A lipocentric perspective. In: Sensory and metabolic control of energy balance, pp. 159 - 173 (Eds. Meyerhof, W.; Beisiegel, U.; Joost, H. G.). Springer, Berlin (2010)

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    Conference Paper
    Kuehnlein, R. P.: Drosophila lipid droplet regulators controlling energy homeostasis. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 154 (Suppl. 1), pp. S4 - S5 (2008)
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