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    Conference Paper
    Nanadikar, M. S.; Leon, A. M. V.; Borowik, S.; Hillemann, A.; Zieseniss, A.; Belousov, V. V.; Bogeski, I.; Rehling, P.; Dudek, J.; Katschinski, D. M.: Hypoxia preserves the EGSH in isolated mitochondria. 98th Meeting of the German Physiological Society, Ulm, September 30, 2019 - October 02, 2019. Acta Physiologica (2019)
  2. 62.
    Conference Paper
    Naumenko, N.; Rehling, P.: INA complex links assembly of the nuclear- and mitochondrial-encoded modules of ATP synthase. Annual Meeting of the American-Society-for-Cell-Biology (ASCB), San Francisco, CA, December 03, 2016 - December 07, 2016. Molecular Biology of the Cell 27, (2016)
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    Conference Paper
    Heininger, A. U.; Hackert, P.; Andreou, A. Z.; Boon, K. L.; Prior, M.; Schmidt, B.; Urlaub, H.; Sloan, K. E.; Schleiff, E.; Deckers, M. et al.; Lührmann, R.; Enderlein, J.; Klostermeier, D.; Rehling, P.; Bohnsack, M. T.: Sequestering and protein cofactor competition regulate a multifunctional RNA helicase in different pathways. 40th Congress of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) - The Biochemical Basis of Life, Berlin, July 04, 2015 - July 09, 2015. FEBS Journal (2015)
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