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    Hamann, F.; Schmitt, A.; Favretto, F.; Hofele, R.; Neumann, P.; Xiang, S. Q.; Urlaub, H.; Zweckstetter, M.; Ficner, R.: Structural analysis of the intrinsically disordered splicing factor Spp2 and its binding to the DEAH-box ATPase Prp2. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 117 (6), pp. 2948 - 2956 (2020)
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    Yatsenko, A. S.; Kucherenko, M. M.; Xie, Y.; Aweida, D.; Urlaub, H.; Scheibe, R. J.; Cohen, S.; Shcherbata, H. R.: Profiling of the muscle-specific dystroglycan interactome reveals the role of Hippo signaling in muscular dystrophy and age-dependent muscle atrophy. BMC Medicine 18 (1) (2020)
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    Wang, H.; Dienemann, C.; Stützer, A.; Urlaub, H.; Cheung, A. C. M.; Cramer, P.: Structure of the transcription coactivator SAGA. Nature 577, pp. 717 - 720 (2020)
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    Keihani, S.; Klüver, V.; Mandad, S.; Bansal, V.; Rahman, R.; Fritsch, E.; Gomes, L. C.; Gärtner, A.; Kügler, S.; Urlaub, H. et al.; Wren, J. D.; Bonn, S.; Rizzoli, S. O.; Fornasiero, E. F.: The long noncoding RNA neuroLNC regulates presynaptic activity by interacting with the neurodegeneration-associated protein TDP-43. Science Advances 5 (12), eaay2670 (2019)
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    Grimm, C.; Hillen, H. S.; Bedenk, K.; Bartuli, J.; Neyer, S.; Zhang, Q.; Hüttenhofer, A.; Erlacher, M.; Dienemann, C.; Schlosser, A. et al.; Urlaub, H.; Böttcher, B.; Szalay, A. A.; Cramer, P.; Fischer, U.: Structural basis of poxvirus transcription: Vaccinia RNA polymerase complexes. Cell 179 (7) (2019)
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    Gowravaram, M.; Schwarz, J.; Khilji, S. K.; Urlaub, H.; Chakrabarti, S.: Insights into the assembly and architecture of a Staufen-mediated mRNA decay (SMD)-competent mRNP. Nature Communications 10 (1) (2019)
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    Alevra, M.; Mandad, S.; Ischebeck, T.; Urlaub, H.; Rizzoli, S. O.; Fornasiero, E. F.: A mass spectrometry workflow for measuring protein turnover rates in vivo. Nature Protocols 14 (2019)
  8. Journal Article
    Ayoubi, L. E.; Dumay-Odelot, H.; Chernev, A.; Boissier, F.; Minvielle-Sébastia, L.; Urlaub, H.; Fribourg, S.; Teichmann, M.: The hRPC62 subunit of human RNA polymerase III displays helicase activity. Nucleic Acids Research 47 (19), pp. 10313 - 10326 (2019)
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    James, C.; Müller, M.; Goldberg, M. W.; Lenz, C.; Urlaub, H.; Kehlenbach, R. H.: Proteomic mapping by rapamycin-dependent targeting of APEX2 identifies binding partners of VAPB at the inner nuclear membrane. Journal of Biological Chemistry (2019)
  10. Journal Article
    Jevtic, Z.; Stoll, B.; Pfeiffer, F.; Sharma, K.; Urlaub, H.; Marchfelder, A.; Lenz, C.: The response of Haloferax volcanii to salt and temperature stress: A proteome study by label-free mass spectrometry. Proteomics 19 (20) (2019)
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    Bremmer, F.; Bohnenberger, H.; Küffer, S.; Oellerich, T.; Serve, H.; Urlaub, H.; Strauss, A.; Maatoug, Y.; Behnes, C. L.; Oing, C. et al.; Radzun, H. J.; Ströbel, P.; Balabanov, S.; Honecker, F.: Proteomic comparison of malignant human germ cell tumor cell lines. Disease Markers 2019 (2019)
  12. Journal Article
    Yagensky, O.; Kohansal-Nodehi, M.; Gunaseelan, S.; Rabe, T.; Zafar, S.; Zerr, I.; Haertig, W.; Urlaub, H.; Chua, J.: Increased expression of heme-binding protein 1 early in Alzheimer's disease is linked to neurotoxicity. eLife 8 (2019)
  13. Journal Article
    Alsina, K. M.; Hulsurkar, M.; Brandenburg, S.; Kownatzki-Danger, D.; Lenz, C.; Urlaub, H.; Abu-Taha, I.; Kamler, M.; Chiang, D. Y.; Lahiri, S. K. et al.; Reynolds, J. O.; Quick, A. P.; Scott, L.; Word, T. A.; Gelves, M. D.; Heck, A. J. R.; Li, N.; Dobrev, D.; Lehnart, S. E.; Wehrens, X. H. T.: Loss of protein phosphatase 1 regulatory subunit PPP1R3A promotes atrial fibrillation. Circulation 140 (8), pp. 681 - 693 (2019)
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    Liess, A. K. L.; Kucerova, A.; Schweimer, K.; Yu, L.; Roumeliotis, T. I.; Diebold, M.; Dybkov, O.; Sotriffer, C.; Urlaub, H.; Choudhary, J. S. et al.; Mansfeld, J.; Lorenz, S.: Autoinhibition mechanism of the ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme UBE2S by autoubiquitination. Structure 27 (8), pp. 1195 - 1210 (2019)
  15. Journal Article
    Callegari, S.; Müller, T.; Schulz, C.; Lenz, C.; Jans, D. C.; Wissel, M.; Opazo, F.; Rizzoli, S. O.; Jakobs, S.; Urlaub, H. et al.; Rehling, P.; Deckers, M.: A MICOS-TIM22 association promotes carrier import into human mitochondria. Journal of Molecular Biology 431 (15), pp. 2835 - 2851 (2019)
  16. Journal Article
    Volland, C.; Schott, P.; Didié, M.; Männer, J.; Unsöld, B.; Toischer, K.; Schmidt, C.; Urlaub, H.; Nickels, K.; Knöll, R. et al.; Schmidt, A.; Guan, K.; Hasenfuß, G.; Seidler, T.: Control of p21Cip by BRAP is critical for cardiomyocyte cell cycle progression and survival. Cardiovascular Research (2019)
  17. Journal Article
    Kokic, G.; Chernev, A.; Tegunov, D.; Dienemann, C.; Urlaub, H.; Cramer, P.: Structural basis of TFIIH activation for nucleotide excision repair. Nature Communications 10 (2019)
  18. Journal Article
    Coy-Vergara, J.; Rivera-Monroy, J.; Urlaub, H.; Lenz, C.; Schwappach, B.: A trap mutant reveals the physiological client spectrum of TRC40. Journal of Cerll Science (2019)
  19. Journal Article
    Chachami, G.; Stankovic-Valentin, N.; Karagiota, A.; Basagianni, A.; Pleßmann, U.; Urlaub, H.; Melchior, F.; Simos, G.: Hypoxia-induced changes in SUMO conjugation affect transcriptional regulation under low oxygen. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics 18 (6), pp. 1197 - 1209 (2019)
  20. Journal Article
    Garofalo, R.; Wohlgemuth, I.; Pearson, M.; Lenz, C.; Urlaub, H.; Rodnina, M. V.: Broad range of missense error frequencies in cellular proteins. Nucleic Acids Research 47 (6), pp. 2932 - 2945 (2019)
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