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    Neef, J.; Urban, N. T.; Ohn, T. L.; Frank, T.; Jean, P.; Hell, S. W.; Willig, K. I.; Moser, T.: Quantitative optical nanophysiology of Ca2+ signaling at inner hair cell active zones. Nature Communications 9 (2018)
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    Richardson, D. S.; Gregor, C.; Winter, F.; Urban, N. T.; Sahl, S. J.; Willig, K. I.; Hell, S. W.: SRpHi ratiometric pH biosensors for super-resolution microscopy. Nature Communications 8 (2017)
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    Hell, S. W.; Sahl, S. J.; Bates, M.; Zhuang, X.; Heintzmann, R.; Booth, M. J.; Bewersdorf, J.; Shtengel, G.; Hess, H.; Tinnefeld, P. et al.; Honigmann, A.; Jakobs, S.; Testa, I.; Cognet, L.; Lounis, B.; Ewers, H.; Davis, S. J.; Eggeling, C.; Klenerman, D.; Willig, K. I.; Vicidomini, G.; Castello, M.; Diaspro, A.; Cordes, T.: The 2015 super-resolution microscopy roadmap. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 48 (44) (2015)
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    Eggeling, C.; Willig, K. I.; Sahl, S. J.; Hell, S. W.: Lens-based fluorescence nanoscopy. Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics 48 (2) (2015)
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    Belov, V. N.; Mitronova, G.; Bossi, M. L.; Boyarski, V. P.; Hebisch, E.; Geisler, C.; Kolmakov, K.; Wurm, C. A.; Willig, K. I.; Hell, S. W.: Masked rhodamine dyes of five principal colors revealed by photolysis of a 2-diazo-1-indanone caging group: synthesis, photophysics, and light microscopy applications. Chemistry-A European Journal 20 (41), pp. 13162 - 13173 (2014)
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    Agarwal, A.; Zhang, M.; Trembak-Duff, I.; Unterbarnscheidt, T.; Radyushkin, K.; Dibaj, P.; de Souza, D. M.; Boretius, S.; Brzózka, M. M.; Steffens, H. et al.; Berning, S.; Teng, Z.; Gummert, M. N.; Tantra, M.; Guest, P. C.; Willig, K. I.; Frahm, J.; Hell, S. W.; Bahn, S.; Rossner, M. J.; Nave, K. A.; Ehrenreich, H.; Zhang, W.; Schwab, M. H.: Dysregulated expression of Neuregulin-1 by cortical pyramidal neurons disrupts synaptic plasticity. Cell Reports 8 (4), pp. 1130 - 1145 (2014)
  7. Journal Article
    Willig, K. I.; Barrantes, F. J.: Recent applications of superresolution microscopy in neurobiology. Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 20, pp. 16 - 21 (2014)
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    Jensen, N. A.; Danzl, J. G.; Willig, K. I.; Lavoie-Cardinal, F.; Brakemann, T.; Hell, S. W.; Jakobs, S.: Coordinate-targeted and coordinate-stochastic super-resolution microscopy with the reversibly switchable fluorescent protein Dreiklang. ChemPhysChem 15 (4), pp. 756 - 762 (2014)
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    Willig, K. I.; Steffens, H.; Gregor, C.; Herholt, A.; Rossner, M. J.; Hell, S. W.: Nanoscopy of filamentous actin in cortical dendrites of a living mouse. Biophysical Journal 106 (1), pp. L01 - L03 (2014)
  10. Journal Article
    Eggeling, C.; Willig, K. I.; Barrantes, F. J.: STED microscopy of living cells – new frontiers in membrane and neurobiology. Journal of Neurochemistry 126 (2), pp. 203 - 212 (2013)
  11. Journal Article
    Eggeling, C.; Willig, K. I.; Barrantes, F.: STED microscopy of living cells - new frontiers in membrane and neurobiology. Journal of Neurochemistry 126 (2), pp. 203 - 212 (2013)
  12. Journal Article
    Nizamov, S.; Willig, K. I.; Sednev, M. V.; Belov, V. N.; Hell, S. W.: Phosphorylated 3-heteroarylcoumarins and their use in fluorescence microscopy and nanoscopy. Chemistry-A European Journal 18 (51), pp. 16339 - 16348 (2012)
  13. Journal Article
    Testa, I.; Urban, N.; Jakobs, S.; Eggeling, C.; Willig, K. I.; Hell, S. W.: Nanoscopy of living brain slices with low light levels. Neuron 75 (6), pp. 992 - 1000 (2012)
  14. Journal Article
    Berning, S.; Willig, K. I.; Steffens, H.; Dibaj, P.; Hell, S. W.: Nanoscopy in a living mouse brain. Science 335 (6068), p. 551 - 551 (2012)
  15. Journal Article
    Lalkens, B.; Testa, I.; Willig, K. I.; Hell, S. W.: MRT letter: Nanoscopy of protein colocalization in living cells by STED and GSDIM. Microscopy Research and Technique 75 (1), pp. 1 - 6 (2012)
  16. Journal Article
    Tonnesen, J.; Nadrigny, F.; Willig, K. I.; Wedlich-Söldner, R.; Nägerl, U. V.: Two-color STED microscopy of living synapses using a single laser-beam pair. Biophysical Journal 101 (10), pp. 2545 - 2552 (2011)
  17. Journal Article
    Kleine-Vehn, J.; Wabnik, K.; Martiniere, A.; Langowski, L.; Willig, K.; Naramoto, S.; Leitner, J.; Tanaka, H.; Jakobs, S.; Robert, S. et al.; Luschnig, C.; Govaerts, W.; Hell, S. W.; Runions, J.; Friml, J.: Recycling, clustering, and endocytosis jointly maintain PIN auxin carrier polarity at the plasma membrane. Molecular Systems Biology 7, 540 (2011)
  18. Journal Article
    Grotjohann, T.; Testa, I.; Leutenegger, M.; Bock, H.; Urban, N.; Lavoie-Cardinal, F.; Willig, K.; Eggeling, C.; Jakobs, S.; Hell, S. W.: Diffraction-unlimited all-optical imaging and writing with a photochromic GFP. Nature 478 (7368), pp. 204 - 208 (2011)
  19. Journal Article
    Urban, N.; Willig, K.; Hell, S. W.: STED nanoscopy of actin dynamics in synapses deep inside living brain slices. Biophysical Journal 101 (5), pp. 1277 - 1284 (2011)
  20. Journal Article
    van den Bogaart, G.; Meyenberg, K.; Risselada, H. J.; Amin, H.; Willig, K.; Hubrich, B. E.; Dier, M.; Hell, S. W.; Grubmüller, H.; Diederichsen, U. et al.; Jahn, R.: Membrane protein sequestering by ionic protein–lipid interactions. Nature 479 (7374), doi:10.1038/nature10545, pp. 552 - 555 (2011)
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