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    Stoldt, S.; Wenzel, D.; Kehrein, K.; Riedel, D.; Ott, M.; Jakobs, S.: Spatial orchestration of mitochondrial translation and OXPHOS complex assembly. Nature Cell Biology 20 (5), pp. 528 - 534 (2018)
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    Menck, K.; Bleckmann, A.; Wachter, A.; Hennies, B.; Ries, L.; Schulz, M.; Balkenhol, M.; Pukrop, T.; Schatlo, B.; Rost, U. et al.; Wenzel, D.; Klemm, F.; Binder, C.: Characterisation of tumour-derived microvesicles in cancer patients' blood and correlation with clinical outcome. Journal of Extracellular Vesicles 6 (1) (2017)
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    Candiello, E.; Kratzke, M.; Wenzel, D.; Cassel, D.; Schu, P.: AP-1/sigma 1A and AP-1/sigma 1B adaptor-proteins differentially regulate neuronal early endosome maturation via the Rab5/Vps34-pathway. Scientific Reports 6 (2016)
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    Koch, R.; Aung, T.; Vogel, D.; Chapuy, B.; Wenzel, D.; Becker, S.; Sinzig, U.; Venkataramani, V.; von Mach, T.; Jacob, R. et al.; Truemper, L.; Wulf, G. G.: Nuclear trapping through inhibition of exosomal export by indomethacin increases cytostatic efficacy of doxorubicin and pixantrone. Clinical Cancer Research 22 (2), pp. 395 - 404 (2016)
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    Menck, K.; Scharf, C.; Bleckmann, A.; Dyck, L.; Rost, U.; Wenzel, D.; Dhople, V. M.; Siam, L.; Pukrop, T.; Binder, C. et al.; Klemm, F.: Tumor-derived microvesicles mediate human breast cancer invasion through differentially glycosylated EMMPRIN. Journal of Molecular Cell Biology 7 (2), pp. 143 - 153 (2015)
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    Binotti, B.; Pavlos, N. J.; Riedel, D.; Wenzel, D.; Vorbrüggen, G.; Schalk, A. M.; Kühnel, K.; Boyken, J.; Erck, C.; Martens, H. et al.; Chua, J. J. E.; Jahn, R.: The GTPase Rab26 links synaptic vesicles to the autophagy pathway. eLife 4 (2015)
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    Koch, R.; Demant, M.; Aung, T.; Diersing, N.; Cicholas, A.; Chapuy, B.; Wenzel, D.; Lahmann, M.; Güntsch, A.; Kiecke, C. et al.; Becker, S.; Hupfeld, T.; Venkataramani, V.; Ziepert, M.; Opitz, L.; Klapper, W.; Trümper, L.; Wulf, G. G.: Populational equilibrium through exosome-mediated Wnt signaling in tumor progression of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Blood 123 (14), pp. 2189 - 2198 (2014)
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    Menck, K.; Klemm, F.; Gross, J. C.; Pukrop, T.; Wenzel, D.; Binder, C.: Induction and transport of Wnt 5a during macrophage-induced malignant invasion is mediated by two types of extracellular vesicles. Oncotarget 4 (11), pp. 2057 - 2066 (2013)
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    Wirth, M.; Karaca, S.; Wenzel, D.; Ho, L.; Tishkoff, D.; Lombard, D. B.; Verdin, E.; Urlaub, H.; Jedrusik-Bode, M.; Fischle, W.: Mitochondrial SIRT4-type proteins in Caenorhabditis elegans and mammals interact with pyruvate carboxylase and other acetylated biotin-dependent carboxylases. Mitochondrion 13 (6), pp. 705 - 720 (2013)
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    Kotzerke, K.; Mempel, M.; Aung, T.; Wulf, G. G.; Urlaub, H.; Wenzel, D.; Schön, M. P.; Braun, A.: Immunostimulatory activity of murine keratinocyte-derived exosomes. Experimental Dermatology 22 (10), pp. 650 - 655 (2013)
  11. Journal Article
    Jans, D. C.; Wurm, C. A.; Riedel, D.; Wenzel, D.; Stagge, F.; Deckers, M.; Rehling, P.; Jakobs, S.: STED super-resolution microscopy reveals an array of MINOS clusters along human mitochondria. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110 (22), pp. 8936 - 8941 (2013)
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    Stoldt, S.; Wenzel, D.; Hildenbeutel, M.; Wurm, C. A.; Hermann, J. M.; Jakobs, S.: The inner-mitochondrial distribution of Oxa1 depends on the growth conditions and on the availability of substrates. Molecular Biology of the Cell 23 (12), pp. 2292 - 2301 (2012)
  13. Journal Article
    Studencka, M.; Konzer, A.; Moneron, G.; Wenzel, D.; Opitz, L.; Salinas-Riester, G.; Bedet, C.; Krüger, M.; Hell, S. W.; Wisniewski, J. R. et al.; Schmidt, H.; Palladino, F.; Schulze, E.; Jedrusik-Bode, M. A.: Novel roles of Caenorhabditis elegans heterochromatin protein HP1 and linker histone in the regulation of innate immune gene expression. Molecular and Cellular Biology 32 (2), pp. 251 - 265 (2012)
  14. Journal Article
    Aung, T.; Chapuy, B.; Vogel, D.; Wenzel, D.; Oppermann, M.; Lahmann, M.; Weinhage, T.; Menck, K.; Hupfeld, T.; Koch, R. et al.; Truemper, L.; Wulf, G. G.: Exosomal evasion of humoral immunotherapy in aggressive B-cell lymphoma modulated by ATP-binding cassette transporter A3. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108 (37), pp. 15336 - 15341 (2011)
  15. Journal Article
    Wenzel, D.; Palladino, F.; Jedrusik-Bode, M.: Epigenetics in C. elegans: Facts and challenges. Genesis 49 (8), pp. 647 - 661 (2011)
  16. Journal Article
    Bierwagen, J.; Testa, I.; Foelling, J.; Wenzel, D.; Jakobs, S.; Eggeling, C.; Hell, S. W.: Far-field autofluorescence nanoscopy. Nano Letters 10 (10), pp. 4249 - 4252 (2010)
  17. Journal Article
    Wagner, O. I.; Esposito, A.; Koehler, B.; Chen, C. W.; Shen, C. P.; Wu, G. H.; Butkevich, E.; Mandalapu, S.; Wenzel, D.; Wouters, F. S. et al.; Klopfenstein, D. R.: Synaptic scaffolding protein SYD-2 clusters and activates kinesin-3 UNC-104 in C. elegans. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 106 (46), pp. 19605 - 19610 (2009)
  18. Journal Article
    Chapuy, B.; Panse, M.; Radunski, U.; Koch, R.; Wenzel, D.; Inagaki, N.; Haase, D.; Truemper, L.; Wulf, G. G.: ABC transporter A3 facilitates lysosomal sequestration of imatinib and modulates susceptibility of chronic myeloid leukemia cell lines to this drug. Haematologica 94 (11), pp. 1528 - 1536 (2009)
  19. Journal Article
    Zink, S.; Wenzel, D.; Wurm, C.; Schmitt, H. D.: A link between ER tethering and COP-I vesicle uncoating. Developmental Cell 17 (3), pp. 403 - 416 (2009)
  20. Journal Article
    Majoul, I. V.; Onichtchouk, D.; Butkevich, E.; Wenzel, D.; Chailakhyan, L. M.; Duden, R.: Limiting transport steps and novel interactions of Connexin-43 along the secretory pathway. Histochemistry and Cell Biology 132, pp. 263 - 280 (2009)
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