Publications of T.R. Vidyasagar

Journal Article (21)

Journal Article
Vidyasagar, T.R.; Heide, W.: Geniculate orientation biases seen with moving sine wave gratings: Implications for a model of simple cell afferent connectivity. Experimental Brain Research 57 (1), pp. 196 - 200 (1984)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Vidyasagar, T.R.: Geniculate orientation biases as cartesian coordinates for cortical orientation detectors. In: Models of the visual cortex, pp. 390 - 395 (Ed. Rose, D.). Wiley, Chichester (1985)

Conference Paper (3)

Conference Paper
Kulilowski, J. J.; Vidyasagar, T.R.: Neuronal responses and field potentials-evoked by gratings in the macaque striate cortex. Journal of Physiology 392, p. P56 - P56 (1987)
Conference Paper
Kulikowski, J. J.; Vidyasagar, T.R.: Linear antagonism and suppression in the visual-cortex of Rhesus-monkey and cat. Journal of Physiology 390, p. P200 - P200 (1987)
Conference Paper
Vidyasagar, T.R.: Effect of bicuculine on the length-response functions of cat striate cortical-cells. Journal of Physiokogy 358, p. P15 - P15 (1985)
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