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    Journal Article
    Watanabe, T.; Radulovic, J.; Boretius, S.; Frahm, J.; Michaelis, T.: Mapping of the habenulo-interpeduncular pathway in living mice using manganese-enhanced 3D MRI. Magnetic Resonance Imaging 24, pp. 209 - 215 (2006)
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    Czeh, B.; Pudovkina, O.; van der Hart, M. G. C.; Simon, M.; Heilbronner, U.; Michaelis, T.; Watanabe, T.; Frahm, J.; Fuchs, E.: Examining SLV-323, a novel NK1 receptor antagonist, in a chronic psychosocial stress model for depression. Psychopharmacology 180 (3), pp. 548 - 557 (2005)
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    Tschopp, O.; Yang, Z. Z.; Brodbeck, D.; Dummler, B. A.; Hemmings-Mieszczak, M.; Watanabe, T.; Michaelis, T.; Frahm, J.; Hemmings, B. A.: Essential role of protein kinase B gamma (PKB gamma/Akt3) in postnatal brain development but not in glucose homeostasis. Development 132 (13), pp. 2943 - 2954 (2005)
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    Journal Article
    Michaelis, T.; Watanabe, T.; Natt, O.; Boretius, S.; Frahm, J.; Utz, S.; Schachtner, J.: In vivo 3D MRI of insect brain: cerebral development during metamorphosis of Manduca sexta. NeuroImage 24 (2), pp. 596 - 602 (2005)
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    Boretius, S.; Natt, O.; Watanabe, T.; Tammer, R.; Ehrenreich, L.; Frahm, J.; Michaelis, T.: In vivo diffusion tensor mapping of the brain of squirrel monkey, rat, and mouse using single-shot STEAM MRI. Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics Biology and Medicine 17 (3-6), pp. 339 - 347 (2004)
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    Journal Article
    Watanabe, T.; Frahm, J.; Michaelis, T.: Functional mapping of neural pathways in rodent brain in vivo using manganese-enhanced three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging. NMR in Biomedicine 17 (8), pp. 554 - 568 (2004)
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    Journal Article
    Natt, O.; Watanabe, T.; Boretius, S.; Frahm, J.; Michaelis, T.: Magnetization transfer MRI of mouse brain reveals areas of high neural density. Magnetic Resonance Imaging 21 (10), pp. 1113 - 1120 (2003)
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    Journal Article
    Liebetanz, D.; Fauser, S.; Michaelis, T.; Czeh, B.; Watanabe, T.; Paulus, W.; Frahm, J.; Fuchs, E.: Safety aspects of chronic low-frequency transcranial magnetic stimulation based on localized proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy and histology of the rat brain. Journal of Psychiatric Research 37 (4), pp. 277 - 286 (2003)
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    Journal Article
    Schwarcz, A.; Natt, O.; Watanabe, T.; Boretius, S.; Frahm, J.; Michaelis, T.: Localized proton MRS of cerebral metabolite profiles in different mouse strains. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 49 (5), pp. 822 - 827 (2003)
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    Journal Article
    Natt, O.; Watanabe, T.; Boretius, S.; Radulovic, J.; Frahm, J.; Michaelis, T.: High-resolution 3D MRI of mouse brain reveals small cerebral structures in vivo. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 120 (2), pp. 203 - 209 (2002)
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    Journal Article
    Fuchs, E.; Czeh, B.; Michaelis, T.; de Biurrun, G.; Watanabe, T.; Frahm, J.: Synaptic plasticity and tianeptine: structural regulation. European Psychiatry 17 (Suppl. 3), pp. 311S - 317S (2002)
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    Journal Article
    Czeh, B.; Michaelis, T.; Watanabe, T.; Frahm, J.; de Biurrun, G.; van Kampen, M.; Bartolomucci, A.; Fuchs, E.: Stress-induced changes in cerebral metabolites, hippocampal volume and cell proliferation are prevented by antidepressant treatment with tianeptine. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 98, pp. 12796 - 12801 (2001)
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    Journal Article
    Michaelis, T.; de Biurrun, G.; Watanabe, T.; Frahm, J.; Ohl, F.; Fuchs, E.: Gender-specific alterations of cerebral metabolites with aging and cortisol treatment. Journal of Psychiatric Research 35, pp. 231 - 237 (2001)
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    Journal Article
    Watanabe, T.; Michaelis, T.; Frahm, J.: Mapping of retinal projections in the living rat using high-resolution 3 D MRI with Mn2+-induced contrast. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 46, pp. 424 - 429 (2001)

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    Conference Paper
    Frahm, J.; Natt, O.; Watanabe, T.; Boretius, S.; Michaelis, T.: Magnetic resonance imaging of animal brain in vivo. 41th Annual Symposium of the Society for Laboratory Animal Science, Göttingen, September 07, 2003 - September 10, 2003., (2006)
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