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Rabe von Pappenheim, F.; Aldeghi, M.; Shome, B.; Begley, T.; de Groot, B. L.; Tittmann, K.: Structural basis for antibiotic action of the B1 antivitamin 2′-methoxy-thiamine. Nature Chemical Biology 16 (11), p. 1237-1245 (2020)
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Rizzi, A.; Jensen, T.; Slochower, D. R.; Aldeghi, M.; Gapsys, V.; Ntekoumes, D.; Bosisio, S.; Papadourakis, M.; Henriksen, N. M.; de Groot, B. L. et al.; Cournia, Z.; Dickson, A.; Michel, J.; Gilson, M. K.; Shirts, M. R.; Mobley, D. L.; Chodera, J. D.: The SAMPL6 SAMPLing challenge: Assessing the reliability and efficiency of binding free energy calculations. Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design, (in press) (2020)
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Gapsys, V.; Perez-Benito, L.; Aldeghi, M.; Seeliger, D.; Van Vlijmen, H.; Tresadern, G.; de Groot, B. L.: Large scale relative protein ligand binding affinities using non-equilibrium alchemy. Chemical Science 11 (4), pp. 1140 - 1152 (2020)
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Aldeghi, M.; Gapsys, V.; de Groot, B. L.: Predicting kinase inhibitor resistance: Physics-based and data-driven approaches. ACS Central Science 5 (8), pp. 1468 - 1474 (2019)
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Yee, A. W.; Aldeghi, M.; Blakeley, M. P.; Ostermann, A.; Mas, P. J.; Moulin, M.; de Sanctis, D.; Bowler, M. W.; Mueller-Dieckmann, C.; Mitchell, E. P. et al.; Haertlein, M.; de Groot, B. L.; Boeri Erba, E.; Forsyth, V. T.: A molecular mechanism for transthyretin amyloidogenesis. Nature Communications 10 (1), 925 (2019)
Journal Article
Aldeghi, M.; Gapsys, V.; de Groot, B. L.: Accurate estimation of ligand binding affinity changes upon protein mutation. ACS Central Science 4 (12), pp. 1708 - 1718 (2018)

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Book Chapter
Aldeghi, M.; de Groot, B. L.; Gapsys, V.: Accurate calculation of free energy changes upon amino acid mutation. In: Computational Methods in Protein Evolution, pp. 19 - 47 (Ed. Sikosek, T.). Springer Nature, New York (2019)
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