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Halder, K.; Dölker, N.; Van, Q.; Gregor, I.; Dickmanns, A.; Baade, I.; Kehlenbach, R. H.; Ficner, R.; Enderlein, J.; Grubmüller, H. et al.; Neumann, H.: MD simulations and FRET reveal an environment: Sensitive conformational plasticity of Importin-beta. Biophysical Journal 109 (2), pp. 277 - 286 (2015)
Journal Article
Doelker, N.; Blanchet, C. E.; Voss, B.; Haselbach, D.; Kappel, C.; Monecke, T.; Svergun, D. I.; Stark, H.; Ficner, R.; Zachariae, U. et al.; Grubmüller, H.; Dickmanns, A.: Structural determinants and mechanism of mammalian CRM1 allostery. Structure 21 (8), pp. 1350 - 1360 (2013)
Journal Article
Kappel, C.; Doelker, N.; Kumar , R.; Grubmüller, H.: Universal relaxation governs the nonequilibrium elasticity of biomolecules. Physical Review Letters 109 (11), 118304 (2012)
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